Portrait traditionally identified as that of Ashikaga Takauji
Tomb of Ashikaga Takauji at Tōji-in in Kyoto

He re-entered Kamakura in 1335, forcing Ashikaga Tadayoshi to flee before he was forced to flee himself by Tadayoshi's elder brother and future shōgun Ashikaga Takauji.

- Hōjō Tokiyuki

Hōjō Tokiyuki, son of Takatoki, took the opportunity to start the Nakasendai rebellion to try to reestablish the shogunate in Kamakura in 1335.

- Ashikaga Takauji

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Ashikaga Tadayoshi depicted in an Edo period print

Ashikaga Tadayoshi

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Ashikaga Tadayoshi depicted in an Edo period print

Ashikaga Tadayoshi (足利 直義) was a general of the Northern and Southern Courts period (1337–92) of Japanese history and a close associate of his elder brother Takauji, the first Muromachi shōgun.

In 1335, during the Nakasendai Rebellion led by Hōjō Tokiyuki Tadayoshi, being unable to defend the city, had to leave Kamakura in a rush.


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City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

A map of Kamakura with the approximate location of the most important historical sites. The darker color indicates flatland.
View over Kamakura's Sagami Bay coast from Hase-dera (Kamakura)
Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū and the dankazura during the Edo period
Portrait traditionally believed to be of Minamoto no Yoritomo, but now believed to be of Ashikaga Tadayoshi
The stele on the spot where Yoritomo's Ōkura Bakufu used to stand
The Hōjō family crest, ubiquitous in Kamakura
This field is the former site of Tōshō-ji, the Hōjō family temple. In 1333, the Hōjō clan committed mass suicide here.
The Kamakura-fu at the time of its maximum expansion
A 1685 illustration from the Shinpen Kamakurashi of the lot where the Kantō kubō mansion once stood. It was left empty in the hope that he may one day return.
The monument on the spot at Ryūkō-ji where Nichiren was saved from execution
The statue of Amida Buddha at Kōtoku-in
Visitors crowd the entrance way of Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū
Sasuke Inari Shrine's entrance
The parade during the Kamakura Festival
The Ōmachi-side of the Shakadō Pass
Hōjō Masako's yagura at Jufuku-ji. Her ashes are not actually there, as they were lost centuries ago.

In 1335, Hōjō Tokiyuki, son of last regent Takatoki, tried to re-establish the shogunate by force and defeated Kamakura's de facto ruler Ashikaga Tadayoshi in Musashi, in today's Kanagawa Prefecture.

He was in his turn defeated in Koshigoe by Ashikaga Takauji, who had come in force from Kyoto to help his brother.