Entrance to Fern Cave
Map of Fern Cave NWR
<center>A cultivar with frilled frond margins.</center>
Inside Fern Cave
<center>A specimen growing in lime mortar on a wall.</center>
Fern Cave NWR
<center>Example of the North American variety.</center>
Fern Cave NWR

Fern Cave NWR is named after the eponymous cave located in the region; in it, explorers found an abundance of American hart's-tongue ferns (Asplenium scolopendrium var.

- Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge

The variation americanum mostly grows along the Onondaga Limestone and Niagara Escarpment geological formations in Central New York (present in 2 counties), southern Ontario (present in 7 counties), and the eastern Upper Peninsula in Michigan (present in 2 counties). Exceptions are disjunct populations that exist in Alabama (in Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge, a wildlife refuge centered around an off-limits cave in Jackson County, Alabama, where it has declined heavily due to illegal plant collecting, and an undisclosed pit in Morgan County that is also off-limits and protected), and Tennessee (in just a single county); these southern populations are at dire risk of extirpation. An introduced population descended from New York plants is found in New Jersey; it is a remnant of a 1936 effort to practice ex-situ conservation of populations in New York.

- Asplenium scolopendrium

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