Pulcinella in a 19th century Italian print
Capodimonte porcelain jar with three figures of Pulcinella, Naples, Italy, 1745-50.
Polichinelle, ca. 1680 by French artist Nicolas Bonnart. The first of a set of five etchings entitled Five Characters from the Commedia dell’Arte. Etching with hand coloring on laid paper.
Book illustration of Pulcinella in 1700 (1860) by Maurice Sand, found in Masques et bouffons: comédie italienne.
Pulcinella costume
rigid sugar-loaf hat

Called Bononiensis (“native of Bononia” (i.e. Bologna), Pomponius was a writer of Atellanae Fabulae (Atellan Fables), and a near contemporary of Quintus Novius.

- Lucius Pomponius

These traits were inherited from two stock characters of the Atellan Farce.

- Pulcinella

Maccus+Buccus → Pulcinella

- Atellan Farce

Lucius Pomponius of Bologna, influenced by Palliata Fabius Dorsennus composed several Atellan plays, including Macchus Miles (Macchus the Soldier), Pytho Gorgonius, Pseudoagamemnon, Bucco Adoptatus, and Aeditumus.

- Atellan Farce
Pulcinella in a 19th century Italian print

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