A 20th century of depiction of Tarabai by artist Baburao Painter. She unsuccessfully rebelled against the Peshwa in 1751.
Khandoba temple
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Confederacy at its zenith in 1760 (yellow areas)
Long shot of Jejurigad's mandir on mountain
A c. 1770 drawing of the Third battle of Panipat
Stairs with arched entrance of the Jejuri Khandoba mandir
Sacred fire (Jyoti) in front of the Khandoba temple.
Deepstambha in front of the temple

The temple was the site of a historic treaty between Tarabai and Balaji Bajirao on 14 September 1752.

- Jejuri

On 14 September 1752, the two took oaths at Khandoba temple in Jejuri, promising mutual peace.

- Balaji Baji Rao

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