Konjuh mountain peak, 1328 m
Breštica lake
Monument dedicated to the shahids of Banovići
Mountaineering club "Varda"
Construction of Downtown Mosque
Stove Factory "Helios"
Diabase Exploitation Site
Diabase Exploitation Site
Picnic Area "Mačkovac"
Banovići iz zraka
Banovici from air 360° by BAXON media

Short-lived miners strike and armed rebellion against industrial slavery in the newly established Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

- Husino rebellion

Radnički Dom is also "home" of a mural with motifs from Husinska buna (miners' rebellion in Husino) painted, in the early 1960s by one of the greatest Bosnian and ex-Yugoslavian painters, Ismet Mujezinović.

- Banovići

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