The Five Races Under One Union flag used by the government
Artillerymen of the Revolutionary Army take aim on Qing Army positions during the Battle of Yangxia.
Sun Yat-sen's office at the Presidential Palace, Nanjing
1915 Map of the tri-cities of Wuhan, with Hankou (Hankow) to the upper left, Hanyang to lower left and Wuchang, across the Yangtze River to the right. Hankou and Hanyang are divided by the Han River. Dazhimen (Ta-tche-men) Station is on the Beijing-Hankou (Peking-Hankow) Railway in Hankou.  The green patch just south of the Han River represents the Guishan (Kwei-shan) Heights of Hanyang.
A conference of the cabinets in Nanking Provisional Government
The Imperial Beiyang Army traveling by rail to recapture Hankou.
Provisional President Yuan Shikai
Soldiers of the Revolutionary Army marching past residents in Wuchang.
Captured Revolutionary Army soldiers in Hankou.
The Revolutionary Army firing from entrenched positions at Shilipu in Hanyang.
The Revolutionary Army with the 19-Point Army Flag, outside the headquarters of the Republic of China Military Government in Wuchang in 1911.
Li Yuanhong and Sun Yat-sen in Wuchang in April 1912 after the Xinhai Revolution had succeeded in toppling the Qing Dynasty.
Battle of Hankou
Ambush of Imperial forces at Liujiamiao.
Battle of Hankou from the Imperial Army lines.
Battle of Hankou (2)
Fighting in Hankou's rail yards
Fighting near Hanyang
The revolutionary army marches on Wuchang

By November 28, Hankou and Hanyang had fallen back to the Qing, so for safety the revolutionaries convened their first conference at the British concession in Hankou on November 30.

- Provisional Government of the Republic of China (1912)

The political negotiations eventually led to the abdication of the last Qing Emperor, Puyi, and the formation of a united provisional government of the Republic of China led by former loyalist Yuan Shikai and revolutionaries Sun Yat-sen, Li Yuanhong and Huang Xing.

- Battle of Yangxia
The Five Races Under One Union flag used by the government

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