A report on Beat Generation and Steely Dan

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Steely Dan performing in 2007. Walter Becker (l) playing electric guitar, Donald Fagen (r) playing melodica.
A section devoted to the beat generation at a bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden
Guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter left Steely Dan in 1974 when they ceased performing live and began working in the studio exclusively.
Steely Dan, shown here in 2007, toured frequently after reforming in 1993.

Fans of Beat Generation literature, Fagen and Becker named the band after a "revolutionary" steam-powered dildo mentioned in the William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch.

- Steely Dan

The musical group Steely Dan is named after a steam-powered dildo in Burroughs' Naked Lunch.

- Beat Generation
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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