Beecher Hall

Beecher Hall from the northeast

Oldest building on the campus of Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

- Beecher Hall

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Illinois College

Private liberal arts college in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Beecher Hall is the oldest college building in the state of Illinois.
The Bruner Fitness Center during a home football game.
Sturtevant Hall photographed from the upper quad.
Lincoln Hall dormitory photographed from the lower quad.

Beecher Hall, named in honor of president Beecher, was the first building constructed on the Illinois College campus, and remains the oldest college building in the state of Illinois.

Phi Alpha Literary Society

Men's Literary Society founded in 1845 at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Jimmy Carter Honorary Induction

It conducts business meetings, literary productions, and other activities in Beecher Hall, the oldest college building in the state of Illinois.

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6) Beecher Hall, Illinois College — Jacksonville

Jacksonville Historic District (Jacksonville, Illinois)

Historic district encompassing 696 buildings in Jacksonville, Illinois.

The Illinois School for the Deaf

Illinois College, the first college in Illinois to grant a degree, was founded in 1829; its first building, Beecher Hall, is the oldest building in the district.