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Behind the Music is a documentary television series on VH1.wikipedia
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Behind the Music is a documentary television series on VH1.
More recently, much like MTV, VH1 has been in the area of reality television programming, such as Behind the Music, the I Love… series and the Celebreality block of programming, as part of the channel's current focus on programming primarily aimed towards women.

Jim Forbes (journalist)

Jim Forbes
Except for the first two episodes (which focused on Milli Vanilli and M.C. Hammer), all programs are narrated by Jim Forbes.
James Jude Forbes (born April 1, 1955), often credited as James Jude or his better-known name, Jim Forbes, is an American writer, producer and correspondent, and the narrator for VH1's Behind the Music.

Milli Vanilli

exposed as a music fraud
Except for the first two episodes (which focused on Milli Vanilli and M.C. Hammer), all programs are narrated by Jim Forbes.
According to VH1's Behind the Music, the single "Girl You Know It's True" was first produced by Jesse Powell and had already been completed before Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan were recruited.

VH1's Legends

LegendsVH1 Legends
This is as opposed to VH1's other biography show, VH1's Legends, which profiles musicians that have been very significant to the industry.
Originally sponsored by AT&T Corporation, this series documents those artists (living or dead) who have made a significant contribution to music history to be profiled on the show (as opposed to VH1's companion series, Behind The Music, which profiles mostly moderately significant artists).

Bobby Brown

Bobbyfamous American R&B singerGold'' (Bobby Brown album)
Bobby Brown
Some say Brown asked to be let out of New Edition, but a VH-1 Behind the Music documentary on the group claimed Brown was voted out by the group via their management team, with the members—most prominently Tresvant—against the decision.

MTV Classic (U.S. TV network)

MTV ClassicVH1 ClassicMTV Classic in the US
A spin-off titled Behind the Music: Remastered on VH1 Classic airs the updated original episodes with new interviews, footage and the later half of the artist's career.
This included themed music video compilation blocks (with categories such as Heavy Metal music, or popular music of the '80s), full-length concerts, music documentaries such as the Classic Albums and Behind the Music series, music-oriented movies (such as Purple Rain and The Blues Brothers), and an original talk show, That Metal Show.

50 Cent

Curtis "50 Cent" JacksonCurtis JacksonCurtis '50 Cent' Jackson
50 Cent (revisited in 2013)
He released "Ok, You're Right", produced by Dr. Dre for Before I Self Destruct, on May 18, 2009 and was scheduled to appear in a fall 2009 episode of VH1's Behind the Music.


Some members of ''Aerosmith
The UK airings of the episodes focusing on Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith and Genesis were narrated by Mary Anne Hobbs while Forbes narrated the US airings.
The band started 2002 by ending the Just Push Play tour, and simultaneously recording segments for their Behind the Music special on VH1, which not only chronicled the band's history but also the band's current activities and touring.

Hall & Oates

Daryl Hall & John OatesDaryl Hall and John OatesHall and Oates
Hall & Oates (remastered in 2010)
Hall would later say in an interview for VH1's Behind the Music that he looked like "the girl I always wanted to go out with" on that album cover.

Mary J. Blige

MatriarchMary J Blige Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige
On July 24, VH1 premiered their third Behind the Music that profiled her personal and career life.

Def Leppard

First Strikeof the same name
Def Leppard (remastered in 2010)
VH1 revived the band's fortunes in the US in 1998 by featuring them on one of the first episodes of Behind the Music.

Glen Campbell

Glenn Campbell[Glen] CampbellGlen Campbell Music
Glen Campbell
In 1999 he was featured on VH-1's Behind the Music, and on A&E Network's Biography and a PBS "in concert" special in 2001.

The Doobie Brothers

Doobie BrothersDoobie BrotherSkylark
The Doobie Brothers
(Both McDonald and Baxter elaborated on the matter in the documentary series Behind the Music, which aired on VH1 in February 2001.) Just as Minute by Minute 's success became apparent, Hartman, Baxter, and LaKind left the band.

Everclear (band)

In interviews for VH-1's Behind the Music, the band related that they nearly broke up that night.

Toni Braxton

ToniBraxton, ToniTony Braxton
Toni Braxton
According to Braxton, via a lawsuit, TMZ, and VH1's Behind the Music, after her Toni Braxton: Revealed show was abruptly cancelled back in 2008, the insurance agency, Lloyd's of London refused to honor her policy that she purchased for upwards of $70,000 that included financial compensations for financial losses that occurred as results of concert cancellations.

Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk
Grand Funk Railroad
In VH1's Behind the Music Grand Funk Railroad episode, Knight stated that the original contract would have run out in about three months, and that the smart decision for the band would have been to just wait out the time.

Fantasia Barrino

Fantasiaof the same name
Fantasia Barrino
In transcript segments released the day before an August 24, 2010, interview on the VH1 series Behind the Music, Barrino confirmed the incident was a suicide attempt, saying, "I didn't care about anything. I just wanted out. At that moment I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with...."

Guns N' Roses

Guns N RosesG ‘n RG&R
Guns N' Roses
On VH1's Behind the Music documentary about Metallica, Hetfield stated that "We couldn't relate to Axl and his attitude."

Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler
Blues Traveler have been featured on VH1's Behind the Music, A&E's Private Sessions, and Austin City Limits.

Chicago (band)

ChicagoChicago Transit Authority Chicago
The American cable music channel VH1 featured the band in an episode of its Behind the Music series, "Chicago: Behind the Music," season 1, episode 133.

Adam Lambert

Adam LamberMr. Lambert
Adam Lambert
In August, he was profiled in an hour-long documentary for VH1's Behind the Music series; and later in the year mentored for a second time on The Hub TV Network's Majors & Minors, coaching singing contestants who were children.


MTV.comMTV BuzzworthyMTV News
This featured Matt Pinfield, formerly of MTV's 120 Minutes, as narrator instead of Jim Forbes.
MTV Classic only retained three original VH1 Classic programs, which were That Metal Show, Metal Evolution and Behind the Music Remastered, although repeats of current and former VH1 programs such as Pop-Up Video and VH1 Storytellers remained on the schedule.

Heart (band)

Heart Heart(Heart)
Heart (remastered in 2010)
In 1998, the band maintained its profile by being the subject of an episode of VH1's Behind the Music.

Leif Garrett

Leif Garret
Leif Garrett (remastered in 2010)
Garrett and Winkler were reunited in 1999 for an episode of Behind the Music, where Garrett was relieved to learn that Winkler had no ill feelings towards him and even said that Garrett's actions following the accident had actually saved his life.

Billy Idol

William BroadB.IdolBilly
Billy Idol
VH1 aired Billy Idol – Behind the Music on 16 April 2001.