Greater Tokyo Area, Japan, the world's most populated urban area, with about 38 million inhabitants
Beirut Skyline

Greater Beirut (بيروت الكبرى; Grand Beyrouth) is the urban agglomeration comprising the city of Beirut (Beirut Governorate) and the adjacent municipalities over the Mount Lebanon Governorate.

- Greater Beirut

There are about 2.5 million people in Beirut and its suburbs (Greater Beirut).

- Beirut Governorate
Greater Tokyo Area, Japan, the world's most populated urban area, with about 38 million inhabitants

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Capital and largest city of Lebanon.

Capital and largest city of Lebanon.

Canaanean Blade. Suggested to be part of a javelin. Fresh grey flint, both sides showing pressure flaking. Somewhat narrower at the base, suggesting a haft. Polished at the extreme point. Found on land of the Lebanese Evangelical School for Girls in the Patriarchate area of Beirut.
Roman Columns of Basilica near the Forum of Berytus
View of Beirut with snow-capped Mount Sannine in the background – 19th century
Beirut Castle and waterfront, 1868
Pine Forest of Beirut, 1914
View of Beirut's Grand Serail- circa 1930
Saint Nicholas staircase in Ashrafieh
Ras Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea
Nightlife scene in Badaro
Pigeon Rock (Raouché)
Beirut from the International Space Station
Map of the 12 quarters of Beirut
Roman baths park in Downtown Beirut.
Cafés in downtown Beirut
Zaitunay Bay
Ras Beirut 1983
Pigeon Rocks Sunset
Downtown Beirut Mosque
Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport
The Garden Show & Spring Festival at the Beirut Hippodrome
The National Museum of Beirut
Sursock Museum
Beirut Souks shopping mall
Church of Saint George Maronite and Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque side by side in Downtown Beirut
Cathedral of St Elias and St Gregory the Illuminator in Downtown Beirut
Cathedral of St. George's Greek Orthodox in Downtown Beirut
Maghen Abraham Synagogue in Downtown Beirut
Facade of the Beirut City Hall
The Grand Serail
Lebanese Parliament
United Nations Lebanon headquarters
AUB established in 1866 by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Saint Joseph University, or Université Saint-Joseph, founded by the Jesuits in 1875
American University of Science and Technology, established in Beirut in 1989
Haigazian University was founded in 1955 by the Armenian Evangelical community
Global University in Beirut
École supérieure des affaires, founded in 1996 as a joint co-operation between the Paris Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris) and the Bank of Lebanon
Beirut 1913
Aerial view of Beirut -1970.
Beirut Corniche
Cliffs, Beirut
Martyrs' Monument
Central Beirut
Passage, Beirut
Beirut at Night

, Greater Beirut has a population of 2.4 million, which makes it the third-largest city in the Levant region.

Beirut Governorate is one of eight mohafazat (plural of mohafazah, or governorate).