Bengali–Assamese languages

Bengali–AssameseBengali-AssameseBengali-Assamese languagesEastern NagariBengali-Assamese languageAssamese-BengaliBengali-Assamese linguistic groupBengali–Assamese (বাংলা-অসমীয়া)Bengali–Assamese continuumEastern Nagari numerals
The Bengali–Assamese languages (or Assamese–Bengali languages) belong to the Eastern zone of Indo-Aryan languages.wikipedia
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Bengali language

The local Apabhraṃśa of the eastern subcontinent, Purbi Apabhraṃśa or Abahatta ("Meaningless Sounds"), eventually evolved into regional dialects, which in turn formed three groups of the Bengali–Assamese languages, the Bihari languages, and the Odia language.

Bengali–Assamese script

Bengali-Assamese scriptBengali-AssameseEastern Nagari script
After the medieval period, the use of Sanskrit as the sole written language gave way to Pali, and the vernacular dialects of Pali eventually evolved into Bengali, Assamese and other related languages.

Indo-Aryan languages

Indo-AryanIndo-Aryan languageIndic
The Bengali–Assamese languages (or Assamese–Bengali languages) belong to the Eastern zone of Indo-Aryan languages.

Rangpuri language

Rangpuri, Kamtapuri or Rajbangshi is a Bengali-Assamese language spoken by the Rajbongshi people in India and Bangladesh, and Rajbanshi and Tajpuria in Nepal.

Rohingya language

It is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language belonging to the Bengali–Assamese branch, and is related to the Chittagonian language spoken in neighboring Bangladesh.

Chittagonian language

ChittagonianChatgayaChittagonian dialect
Chittagonian is a member of the Bengali-Assamese sub-branch of the Eastern group of Indo-Aryan languages, a branch of the wider Indo-European language family.

Hajong language

HajonghajHajong Bhasa
The Hajongs originally spoke a Tibeto-Burman language, but it was largely mixed with Assamese and other eastern Bengali-Assamese languages.

Sylheti Nagari

Syloti NagriSylhetiSylheti Nagari script
It is closely related to Kaithi, and has some Eastern Nagari, Arabic and Devanagari influences.

Bishnupriya Manipuri language

Bishnupriya ManipuriBishnupriyaBishnupriya Manipuri (বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী)

Magadhi Prakrit

MagadhiArdhamagadhiArdha Magadhi
Magadhi Prakrit later evolved into the Eastern Indo-Aryan languages, including the Bengali–Assamese languages (Assamese, Bengali, Rangpuri, Chakma, Chittagonian, Rohingya, Sylheti and others), Bihari languages (Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithili and others), and Odia, among others.

Sylheti language

SylhetiSylheti dialectlinguistic differences


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