Manjul Bhargava in 2014
Manjul Bhargava in 2014
Four Fields medallists left to right (Artur Avila, Martin Hairer (at back), Maryam Mirzakhani, with Maryam's daughter Anahita) and Bhargava at the ICM 2014 in Seoul

In mathematics, Bhargava's factorial function, or simply Bhargava factorial, is a certain generalization of the factorial function developed by the Fields Medal winning mathematician Manjul Bhargava as part of his thesis in Harvard University in 1996.

- Bhargava factorial

A novel generalization of the factorial function, Bhargava factorial, resolving a decades-old conjecture by George Pólya.

- Manjul Bhargava
Manjul Bhargava in 2014

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