Manjul Bhargava in 2014
Manjul Bhargava in 2014
Four Fields medallists left to right (Artur Avila, Martin Hairer (at back), Maryam Mirzakhani, with Maryam's daughter Anahita) and Bhargava at the ICM 2014 in Seoul

His PhD thesis generalized Gauss's classical law for composition of binary quadratic forms to many other situations.

- Manjul Bhargava

This includes numerous results about quadratic number fields, which can often be translated into the language of binary quadratic forms, but also includes developments about forms themselves or that originated by thinking about forms, including Shanks's infrastructure, Zagier's reduction algorithm, Conway's topographs, and Bhargava's reinterpretation of composition through Bhargava cubes.

- Binary quadratic form
Manjul Bhargava in 2014

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