Binyamin Elon

Israeli Orthodox rabbi and politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Moledet and the National Union between 1996 and 2009.

- Binyamin Elon

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Israeli disengagement from Gaza

The unilateral dismantling in 2005 of the 21 Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip and the evacuation of Israeli settlers and army from inside the Gaza Strip.

Map of the Gaza Strip in May 2005, a few months prior to the Israeli withdrawal. The major settlement blocs were the blue-shaded regions of this map.
Israeli–Palestinian coordination effort, 2005
Residents protest during the forced evacuation of the Israeli community Kfar Darom. August 18, 2005.
Residents protest against the evacuation of the Israeli community Kfar Darom. The sign reads: "Kfar Darom will not fall twice!". August 18, 2005
A group of residents refuses to evacuate the Israeli settlement Bedolach. August 17, 2005
Residents of Elei Sinai camping in Yad Mordechai, just over the border from their former homes.
A protest camp in Tel Aviv by members of Netzer Hazani left without homes

The plan was approved with a 14–7 majority but only after the National Union ministers and cabinet members Avigdor Liberman and Binyamin Elon were dismissed from the cabinet, and a compromise offer by Likud's cabinet member Tzipi Livni was achieved.

National Union (Israel)

Alliance of right-wing and nationalist political parties in Israel.

Logo of the National Union, 1999
Logo of the National Union-NRP joint list, 2006

When Zeevi was assassinated on 17 October 2001, Binyamin Elon of Moledet took his ministerial position, and Lieberman became head of the National Union.

2006 Israeli legislative election

Elections for the 17th Knesset were held in Israel on 28 March 2006.

Peretz Labor campaign billboard in Tel Aviv, "Ki Higi'a Hazman" – "Because The Time Has Come"

The merged list is headed by Binyamin Elon.


Minor right-wing political party in Israel.

The party won two seats in the 1996 elections, taken by Ze'evi and Binyamin Elon, and supported Benjamin Netanyahu's government, although it did not join it.

Rehavam Ze'evi

Israeli general and politician who founded the right-wing nationalist Moledet party, mainly advocating population transfer.

Hyatt Hotel, Mount Scopus
Highway 90 renamed Derekh Gandi

Palmach is also a member of Moledet and competed with Binyamin Elon for the party's leadership.

Beit El

Israeli settlement and local council located in the Binyamin Region of the West Bank.

Bethel, 1912
Beit El 1945
Ulpana neighborhood, with Jabel Artis in the background
The outpost Givat Assaf
Ulpana neighborhood
Beit El synagogue

Binyamin Elon

Menachem Elon

Israeli jurist and Professor of Law specializing in Mishpat Ivri, an Orthodox rabbi, and a prolific author on traditional Jewish law (Halakha).

Former Deputy President Supreme Court of Israel
Candidates for President of Israel in 1983: Prof. Menachem Elon (coalition) and MK Chaim Herzog (opposition) in Beit HaNassi in Jerusalem
Menachem Elon (sitting third from left) With Supreme Court Justices on the roof of the old Israeli Supreme Court building in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem (1992)
Professor Menachem Elon, Lecturing in the New York University
Judge Elon and Judge Shamgar
"Jerusalem Covenant" written by Elon in 1992

Amongst Elon's five children are Rabbi Binyamin Elon (married to writer Emuna Elon), a former member of Knesset and cabinet minister (Minister of Tourism, 2001–2004); Rabbi Mordechai Elon, the former head of Yeshivat HaKotel; Joseph ("Sefi") Elon, a district judge in Be'er Sheva and temporary judge of the Supreme Court of Israel (2007–2009); and Ari Elon, who is secular and a lecturer on the Bible.

Israel Allies Foundation

Israeli umbrella organization coordinating an international network of pro-Israel lobbies.

This led to the creation of IAF in 2007 by orthodox rabbi Benny Elon his longtime aide and parliamentary assistant Uri Bank, both leaders of the Israeli far-right party Moledet.

Emuna Elon

Israeli author, journalist, and women's rights activist.

Emuna Elon

She was married to the late Rabbi Binyamin Elon, a former Knesset member, and is the mother of six children.

Mordechai Elon

Israeli Religious Zionist rabbi.

Mordechai Elon

He is the brother of former Moledet Knesset Member and Minister of Tourism Benny Elon, Be'er Sheva District Court Judge Josef Elon, and writer and bible scholar Ari Elon.