A report on Song thrush and Birdlime

Boy preparing a bird lime twig. Veraguas, Panama 1927.
A parent feeding chicks in their nest in a New Zealand garden
Boy catching birds with a bird lime twig. Veraguas, Panama 1927.
A Song Thrush in Germany
In flight
Juvenile in New Zealand
Juvenile in a forest near Dombaih, Russia (Caucasus Mountains)
Three eggs in a nest
Broken shells of grove snails on an 'anvil'
In New Zealand
Song thrush in Slovenia

In the Valencian region of Spain, birdlime (locally known as parany) is commonly used to capture the song thrush, which is a delicacy throughout Spain and is used in many local recipes.

- Birdlime

In Spain, this species is normally caught as it migrates through the country, often using birdlime which, although banned by the European Union, is still tolerated and permitted in the Valencian Community.

- Song thrush

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