Brahin District

District of Gomel Region, in Belarus.

- Brahin District

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Gomel Region

One of the regions of Belarus.

The frozen Biarezina River in Svietlahorsk.
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Russians in the region{{legend|#00d|>10%}}{{legend|#33f|8–10%}}{{legend|#66f|5–8%}}{{legend|#aaf|2–5%}}{{legend|white|<2%}}
Ukrainians in the region{{legend|#080|>3%}}{{legend|#2b2|2–3%}}{{legend|lightgreen|1–2%}}{{legend|White|<1%}}

The extreme southern point of Belarus is located in Gomel Region, on the Dnieper River to the south of the urban-type settlement of Kamaryn, Brahin District.

Brahin, Belarus

Brahin (Брагін), Bragin (Брагин), or Brohin (בּראָהין) is a town in Belarus and an administrative center of Brahin Rajon.

Polesie State Radioecological Reserve

Radioecological nature reserve in the Polesie region of Belarus, which was created to enclose the territory of Belarus most affected by radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster.

Radiation level in 1996, according to map from CIA handbook
Moose in the reserve

The area, located in southern Gomel Region and bordering the Ukrainian Exclusion Zone, includes part of the raions (districts) of Brahin, Chojniki and Naroulia.


Kamaryn is a village in the Brahin district of Belarus, near the Ukrainian town of Pripyat.

Julija Cimafiejeva

Julia Cimafiejeva (Юлія Цімафеева, born on 12 January 1982 in the village of Śpiaryžža (Сьпярыжжа), (in Brahin District, Homel Region) is a Belarusian poet and translator from English and other languages.

Loyew District

District (raion) of Belarus located in the Gomel Region.

It is bordered in the west and north by Brahin, Khoiniki, Rechytsa, and Gomel districts of the same region, and in the east - along the Dnieper and partly along its tributary of the Sozh - with the Chernigov oblast of Ukraine.


The Brahinka or Braginka (Брагінка ; Брагинка) is a short winding river in the Brahin District of Belarus.

Brahin (meteorite)

Meteorite pallasite found in 1810.

Periodic Control Zone

In 1807 two masses of 80 kg and 20 kg were found by farmers of Kaporenki, a village in the district of Bragin.

Early 2012 European cold wave

Deadly cold wave that started on January 27, 2012, and brought snow and freezing temperatures to much of the European continent.

Land surface temperature anomaly of Europe between January 25 and February 1, 2012
A map of the land temperature anomaly in Europe between January 29 and February 4, 2012.
The Danube frozen near power plant at Vienna Freudenau
Record snowfall in Sarajevo
Tisza River near Szeged, Hungary
Winter of 2012 in south of Bucharest, Romania
Winter in Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Heavy snowfall in Novi Sad, Serbia.

🇧🇾 Belarus – Early in the day on January 30, subzero temperatures spread rapidly, data accessed by AccuWeather showed. According to, on the night of 11 through February 12, temperatures in the Brahin Raion dropped to -34.3 C. According to National Agency BielTA, from January 1, more than 180 people died in domestic fires. Total number of casualties remain unknown.


One of the major rivers of Europe, rising in the Valdai Hills near Smolensk, Russia, before flowing through Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea.

Human representation of the Dnieper river (known as Borysthenes) on an Ancient Greek coin of Pontic Olbia, 4th–3rd century BC
Pre-1918 photo with the old spelling of Dnieper (Днѣпръ)
Belarus section of the Dnieper river
Dnieper basin showing peoples in the ninth century
Rapids at Dnieper in 1915
Tractus Borysthenis or Dnieper (from Bovzin city to Chortyca island) in 1662
Satellite images of the Dnieper estuary, captured 8 August 2015
Satellite image of the Dnieper and its tributaries
The Dnieper River in Kyiv, Ukraine
The Dnieper River in Dorogobuzh, Russian Empire, before 1917
The Dnieper River in Kremenchuk, Ukraine
Catherine II leaving Kaniów in 1787 by Johann Gottlieb Plersch
Dnieper by Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1881
Moonlit Night on the Dnieper by Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1882
Ice in the Dnieper by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1872
Sapphire Dnieper by Jan Stanisławski, 1904

The southernmost point in Belarus is on the Dnieper to the south of Kamaryn in Brahin Raion.