Brampton City Council

Brampton city councillorBrampton Town CouncilCity Councilcity councillors
Brampton City Council is the governing body for the City of Brampton, Ontario.wikipedia
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Brampton, OntarioBrampton, ONCity of Brampton
Brampton City Council is the governing body for the City of Brampton, Ontario.
The company chimney was a town landmark, until Brampton Town Council allowed it to be torn down in 1977.

Bob Callahan

Robert V. Callahan
From 1969 to 1985, and from 1997 to 2014 he served as a Brampton city councillor.

Susan Fennell

Susan Fenell
Fennell's first foray into politics was with her 1988 election to Brampton City Council for Ward 3.


Ontario, CanadaONProvince of Ontario
Brampton City Council is the governing body for the City of Brampton, Ontario.

Patrick Brown (politician)

Patrick Brown
It consists of the mayor of Brampton (currently Patrick Brown), five elected regional councillors and five elected city councillors.

2006 Brampton municipal election

Brampton municipal election, 2006in the 2006 election
The Brampton municipal election, 2006 took place on 13 November 2006, to elect a mayor, five regional councillors and five city councillors in the city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Brampton City Hall

Brampton's City HallKen Whillans Square
Brampton City Hall is home to Brampton City Council and the departments of the city.

2014 Peel Region municipal elections

2014 municipal election2014 mayoral election2014 Mississauga municipal election
The 2014 Brampton municipal election was held on October 27, 2014 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, to elect the Mayor of Brampton, Brampton City Council and the Brampton members of the Peel District School Board (Public) and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

Colleen Beaumier

She and her husband Pierre are the parents of three adult children: Stephanie, Michael and John; Stephanie ran for Brampton City Council in the 2006 election but was defeated.

Brampton West

The Greens' Patti Chemelyk is an administrator in the health care industry; Jagtar Shergill of the NDP was a registered insurance broker who had run for the party in 2006 and for Brampton City Council the same year; Conservative Kyle Seeback is a commercial litigation lawyer and former national-level swimmer; and winner Andrew Kania, a Liberal, practiced family law.

Kwakiutl (statue)

A report was approved by Brampton City Council during a council meeting on August 16, 1993.