Brass Era car

1905 Jackson Model C
A Royal Tourist model US Army vehicle, circa 1906. The vehicle was the conveyance of General Frederick Funston (leftmost figure in the back seat).
A 1911 K-R-I-T advertisement
A Stanley Steamer racecar in 1903; in 1906, a similar Stanley Rocket set the world land speed record at 205.5 km/h (127.6 mi/h) at Daytona Beach Road Course.

American term for the early period of automotive manufacturing, named for the prominent brass fittings used during this time for such things as lights and radiators.

- Brass Era car

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Buffalo Electric Carriage

1905 Jackson Model C

Buffalo Electric Carriage Company was a Brass Era manufacturer of electric automobiles in Buffalo, New York.

Marathon Motor Works

Early automobile manufacturer based in Tennessee.

Marathon cars are collectible today like other Brass Era cars, although only nine are known to have survived.

Royal Motor Company

A Royal Tourist of the US Army, used by General Frederick Funston.

Royal Motor Car Company was a Brass Era manufacturer of automobiles in Cleveland, Ohio, in business from 1904 to 1911.

Model Automobile Company

1906 Model

The Model Automobile Company was a veteran American automobile company located in Peru, Indiana.

Colburn Automobile Company

The Driver is H. C. Colburn, to his left is Judge E.A. Colburn''. Notice the Colburn Logo in the window.

The Colburn Automobile Company was a Brass Era car manufacturer in Denver, Colorado.

Glidden Tour

Postcard of a Flanders 20 serving as the pathfinder car to lay out the 1911 route from New York to Jacksonville, Florida.
1909 Glidden Tour Parade at Belle Isle Park, Detroit
Glidden Trophy

The Glidden Tours, also known as the National Reliability Runs, were promotional events held during the automotive Brass Era by the American Automobile Association (AAA) and organized by the group's chairman, Augustus Post.

Economy of Chicago

Home to 36 Fortune 500 companies and is a transportation and distribution center.

Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board of Trade

Late in the 19th century, Chicago was part of the bicycle craze, as home to Western Wheel Company, which introduced stamping to the production process and significantly reduced costs, while early in the 20th Century, the city was part of the automobile revolution, hosting the brass era car builder Bugmobile, which was founded there in 1907.

Air pump

Pump for pushing air.

Boyle's air pump

Several companies developed engine-driven tire pumps in the brass era of the automobile.


1920 Model 34 Touring
1917 Velie Light Six ad
Velie Monocoupe monoplane

Velie was a brass era American automobile brand produced by the Velie Motors Corporation in Moline, Illinois from 1908 to 1928.

Louisville Metro Police Department

The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) began operations on January 6, 2003, as part of the creation of the consolidated city-county government in Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

City of Louisville police old patch, 2012

Three Cadillacs were purchased in November 1908 to address the problem of lawbreakers making getaways in the "horseless carriages."