A report on Dubrovnik and Brsečine

Old Port and historical center of Dubrovnik, a view from the south
The Old Harbour at Dubrovnik
Medieval fortresses, Lovrijenac and Bokar, Dubrovnik
Trade routes and warehouses of the medieval Republic of Ancona
A 1900 photochrom of the Big Onofrio's fountain (1438)
Aerial view of Lazareti complex
Dubrovnik before the earthquake in 1667
Territory of the Republic before 1808
Dubrovnik’s former Jesuit college and Jesuit stairs c. 1900
The "Libertas" Flag of Dubrovnik
Stradun shelled during the Siege of Dubrovnik (1991)
Rector's Palace ca. 1900
View from the city wall of Old Town Dubrovnik, Dec 2019.
Domes of Dubrovnik Cathedral (center), Bell Tower (left) and St Blaise's church (right)
Minčeta Tower
The Franjo Tuđman Bridge across the Rijeka Dubrovačka near Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Airport is the third busiest airport in Croatia.
Panoramic view of Dubrovnik
Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik
Saint Blaise's Church
Saint Ignatius Church, part of former Jesuit Collegium Ragusinum
Cathedral of the Assumption
The Franciscan Monastery
Stradun, Dubrovnik's main street
The Clock tower

Brsečine is a village in southern Croatia, administratively located in the City of Dubrovnik, about 1 km from the cove bearing the same name, and 25 km northwest of Dubrovnik.

- Brsečine

Brsečine, population 96

- Dubrovnik

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