Bruce Altman

Bruce Altman (born July 3, 1955) is an American film and television actor.wikipedia
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Yale School of Drama

School of DramaYale Drama SchoolYale University School of Drama
He is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama.
Bruce Altman – Acting (1990)

Regarding Henry

The supporting cast includes Annette Bening, Mikki Allen, Bill Nunn, Rebecca Miller, Bruce Altman, and Elizabeth Wilson.

Rookie of the Year (film)

Rookie of the YearRookie of the Year'' (film)
The cast also includes Albert Hall, Dan Hedaya, Eddie Bracken, Amy Morton, Bruce Altman, John Gegenhuber, Neil Flynn, Daniel Stern (who also directed) and John Candy in an uncredited role.

The Paper (film)

The PaperThe Paper'' (film)The Paper, Godspell
Alicia, who is having an affair with Sun reporter Carl (Bruce Altman) and has expensive tastes, schemes to get a raise in her salary.

Glengarry Glen Ross (film)

Glengarry Glen Rossfilm adaptation1992 adaptation
Bruce Altman as Larry Spannel

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

On the second anniversary of Gillian's death, David invites her sister, Esther Wheeler (Kathy Baker), and her husband, Paul (Bruce Altman), to stay for the weekend.

Girl, Interrupted (film)

Girl, Interrupted Girl, Interrupted1999 movie
Bruce Altman as Professor Gilcrest, a college professor who Susanna had an affair with.

Mr. Wonderful (film)

Mr. WonderfulMr. Wonderful'' (film)
Bruce Altman as Mr. Wonderful

Running Scared (2006 film)

Running Scared2006Running Scared'' (2006 film)
Bruce Altman as Dez Hansel

Kilimanjaro (film)

KilimanjaroKilimanjaro'' (film)
Bruce Altman as Milton

It's Complicated (film)

It's ComplicatedIt's Complicated'' (film)It's Compliciated
Bruce Altman as Ted

The Skeptic (film)

The SkepticThe Skeptic'' (film)
Bruce Altman as Koven

Game Change (film)

Game Changefilm adaptationGame Change'' (film)
Bruce Altman as Fred Davis, Chief Media Strategist

Fifty Shades Darker (film)

Fifty Shades Darker Fifty Shades DarkerFifty Shades Darker: OST
Bruce Altman as Jerry Roach, president of SIP.

Touched by an Angel

Andrewby an angelTouched by Angel
Bruce Altman as Henry, an angel of death

Nothing Sacred (TV series)

Nothing SacredNothing Sacred'' (TV series)Nothing Scared
Bruce Altman as Sidney Walters

Delivery Man (film)

Delivery ManAmerican RemakeDelivery Man'' (film)
Bruce Altman as Mass Action Attorney