A report on UlanhuBu Xiaolin and Inner Mongolia

PLA General Ulanhu in 1955
Persian miniature depicting Genghis Khan entering Beijing
Ulanhu and the delegates of Inner Mongolia People's Congress.
The Northern Yuan at its greatest extent
Mongolia plateau during early 17th century
Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia within the Qing dynasty, c. 1820
Mongols stand in front of a yurt, 1912
Delegates of Inner Mongolia People's Congress shouting slogans
Inner Mongolian steppes
Topography of Inner Mongolia in China
Winter in Ulanbutan Grassland, Hexigten Banner
Theater in Hohhot
Inner Mongolia Gymnasium
Muslim-themed Street in Hohhot
A KFC in Hohhot, the capital, with a bilingual street sign in Chinese and Mongolian
Inner Mongolian carpet c. 1870
Temple of the White Sulde of Genghis Khan in the town of Uxin in Inner Mongolia, in the Mu Us Desert. The worship of Genghis is shared by Chinese and Mongolian folk religion.
Sign of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center
Jade dragon of the Hongshan culture (4700 BC – 2900 BC) found in Ongniud, Chifeng
Ulaanbutan grassland
Inner Mongolian grassland
Honorary tomb of Wang Zhaojun (born c. 50BC) in Hohhot
Fresco from the Liao dynasty (907–1125) tomb at Baoshan, Ar Horqin
Khitan people cooking. Fresco from the Liao dynasty (907–1125) tomb at Aohan
Remains of the city Khara-Khoto built in 1032. Located in Ejin Khoshuu, Alxa Aimag
Maidari Juu temple fortress ({{zh|labels=no |c=美岱召 |p=měidài zhào}}) built by Altan Khan in 1575 near Baotou
Newly built arch in front of the Maidari Juu temple fortress (1575)
Da Zhao temple (also called Ikh Zuu) built by Altan Khan in 1579
Badekar Monastery (1749) near Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Called Badgar Zuu in Mongolian
Five Pagoda temple (1727) in Hohhot
Badain Jaran temple (1868) in western Inner Mongolia
Genghis Khan Mausoleum (1954)
Genghis Khan Mausoleum (1954)
Alshaa mountain scenery
Alxa Western Monastery (Alshaa Baruun Hiid) built in 1756

Ulanhu or Ulanfu ( 23 December 1907 – 8 December 1988), born Yun Ze, was the founding Chairman of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, serving from 1947 to 1966.

- Ulanhu

She had served as chairwoman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government (equivalent of a provincial governor) since March 2016.

- Bu Xiaolin

She is the daughter of Buhe, a former chairman of Inner Mongolia, and the granddaughter of Ulanhu, the founding chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and a Vice President of China.

- Bu Xiaolin

His son Buhe served as Chairman of Inner Mongolia for a decade, and his granddaughter Bu Xiaolin was appointed to the same position in 2016.

- Ulanhu

The Mongol Ulanhu fought against the Japanese.

- Inner Mongolia

His son Buhe and granddaughter Bu Xiaolin both served as Chairman of the region.

- Inner Mongolia
PLA General Ulanhu in 1955

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Buhe (politician)

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Chinese politician of Mongol descent.

Chinese politician of Mongol descent.

The eldest son of the powerful Inner Mongolia leader Ulanhu, Buhe served as Chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region between 1982 and 1993.

Their daughter, Bu Xiaolin, is also a politician.