Filling bottles with water at St Ann's Well
The henge monument at Arbor Low
The Vale of Edale
Buxton Wells, from a 1610 map
Flooding in South Wingfield Derbyshire in 2012
Buxton in 1965 with shoppers and tourists filling Spring Gardens
A cross-section of northern Derbyshire, from west to east, showing the approximate structure of an eroded dome, with younger Coal Measure rocks to the east, and older limestone exposed in the centre
Buxton Town Hall (on the right)
Buxton Crescent and St Ann's Well
The rugged moorland edge of the southern Pennines at Kinder Downfall
Nocturnal view of the restored Buxton Thermal Baths, and Brian Clarke's modern stained glass canopy over the Cavendish Arcade
The ruins of the Magpie Mine near Sheldon
Corbar Hill and the Dome
Derbyshire parliamentary constituencies 2019 election result
Palace Hotel
County Hall, Matlock
Corbar Cross
One of many Victorian village schools in Derbyshire
Buxton Opera House
County Cricket Ground, in Derby
Buxton Raceway
The scenic Derbyshire that attracts tourists
View of Buxton from Solomon's Temple
Flag of Derbyshire
Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, Vanity Fair, 1903
Herbert Eisner
Vera Brittain
Lloyd Cole, 2010
Mick Andrews, 1976
Station exterior in 1965. The present station is on the left and the former Midland Railway station is in the centre of the picture

Buxton is a spa town in the Borough of High Peak, Derbyshire, England.

- Buxton

The Forest of High Peak was, in medieval times, a moorland forest covering most of the north west of Derbyshire, England, extending as far south as Tideswell and Buxton.

- Forest of High Peak

From 1153 the town was within the Duchy of Lancaster's Crown estate, close to the Royal Forest of the Peak on the Fairfield side of the River Wye.

- Buxton

Later they settled round Buxton, famed for its warm springs, and set up a fort near modern-day Derby in an area now known as Little Chester.

- Derbyshire

To the northwest was the Forest of High Peak under the custodianship of William Peverel and his descendants.

- Derbyshire
Filling bottles with water at St Ann's Well

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