A report on Cab over and Truck classification

Volvo FH cab-over lorry
Class 1 Light duty Toyota Tacoma
Volvo FH cab-over lorry
Class 2 2001 Ford Excursion 4×4 (GVWR: {{convert|8600|lb|t}}
The cab-over configuration is common for garbage trucks, as the short wheelbase allows a tight turning radius and the low cab height eases driver entry and exit.
Class 3 Ford {{Nowrap|F-350}}
Vintage COE: 1942 Chevrolet
Class 4 2008 Ford {{Nowrap|F-450}} 4×4 pick-up truck (GVWR: {{convert|14500|lb|t}})
Preserved International Harvester Metro Van in Portland, Oregon in 2012
Class 5 2005 Chevy Kodiak 4×4 (GVWR: {{convert|17500|lb|t}})
The 1962 Sisu KB-112/117 was the first European serial produced truck with a hydraulically tiltable cabin, enabling easy access to the engine.
Class 6 2002 Ford {{Nowrap|F-650}} in front (GVWR: {{gaps|26|000 lb)}}, 1989 Ford {{Nowrap|F-600}} in back (GVWR: {{convert|20200|lb|t}}
A Mack F series truck
Class 7 Peterbilt 330 dump truck.
Mercedes-Benz Actros semi-trailer truck
Class 8 Kenworth W900 tractor with spread-axle {{convert|48|ft|m|2|adj=on}} refrigerated trailer.
Tatra 813 Kolos 8x8 Drive Military Truck
Western Star 6900XD tractor.
Land Rover 101 Forward Control with radio-vehicle body

In Class 8 tractors (using the US designation), the cab-over design allows the vehicle's wheelbase to be shorter than in the conventional arrangement, wherein the engine is placed in front of the cab, covered by a horizontal or sloping hood that opens to allow engine access.

- Cab over

Cab over

- Truck classification
Volvo FH cab-over lorry

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