Cabinet of Niue

CabinetRobert Rex's first Government
The Cabinet of Niue is the chief executive body of Niue.wikipedia
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The Cabinet of Niue is the chief executive body of Niue.
The Constitution specifies that everyday practice involves the exercise of sovereignty by Cabinet, composed of the premier (Sir Toke Talagi since 2008) and of three other ministers.

Enetama Lipitoa

Jack Willie LipitoaDr. Enetama Lipitoa
He was an Assemblyman for Namukulu when he was elected into the Niue Legislative Assembly and a Cabinet Minister in Robert Rex's first Government following the attainment of self-government status by Niue on 19 October 1974.

Terry Coe

Terry Donald Coe is a Niuean politician and former cabinet minister.

Premier of Niue

PremierGovernment of NiuePremiers
They are elected by the Niue Assembly, and forms a Cabinet consisting of themselves and three other members of the Assembly.

Pokotoa Sipeli

Following the 2008 general election, he is a Member of the Niue Assembly, representing the constituency of Liku, and a member of Premier Toke Talagi's Cabinet, as Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and Minister of Administrative Services.

O'Love Jacobsen

O’Love JacobsenO'love Tauveve Jacobsen
Following the election, Jacobsen supported Toke Talagi's candidacy to prime ministership, against Vivian, and was appointed to Talagi's small Cabinet.

Broadcasting Corporation of Niue

Niue Broadcasting CorporationRadio SunshineBCN
Following the 2011 general election, a specific Cabinet ministry for the corporation was set up.

Executive (government)

executiveexecutive branchExecutive power
The Cabinet of Niue is the chief executive body of Niue.

Robert Rex

Robert Richmond RexSir Robert RexTagaloa Patricia, Lady Rex

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Niue)

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
In 2015, the Cabinet of Niue made a decision to ban the exportation of uga (coconut crab) from Niue.