A report on Phosphorus and Carbon disulfide

White phosphorus exposed to air glows in the dark
Carbon disulfide insecticide ad from the 1896 issue of The American Elevator and Grain Trade magazine
The tetrahedral structure of P4O10 and P4S10.
A stable diphosphene, a derivative of phosphorus(I).
Robert Boyle
Guano mining in the Central Chincha Islands, ca. 1860.
Mining of phosphate rock in Nauru
Match striking surface made of a mixture of red phosphorus, glue and ground glass. The glass powder is used to increase the friction.
Phosphorus explosion

Carbon disulfide is a solvent for phosphorus, sulfur, selenium, bromine, iodine, fats, resins, rubber, and asphalt.

- Carbon disulfide

Another form, scarlet phosphorus, is obtained by allowing a solution of white phosphorus in carbon disulfide to evaporate in sunlight.

- Phosphorus
White phosphorus exposed to air glows in the dark

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