Tobacco smoke in an Irish pub before a smoking ban came into effect on March 29, 2004
A woman smoking a cigarette, the most common method of tobacco smoking
Micrograph of a heart with fibrosis (yellow) and amyloidosis (brown). Movat's stain.
Aztec women are handed flowers and smoking tubes before eating at a banquet, Florentine Codex, 16th century.
Calcified heart of an older woman with cardiomegaly
Gentlemen Smoking and Playing Backgammon in an Interior by Dirck Hals, 1627
Density-Dependent Colour Scanning Electron Micrograph SEM (DDC-SEM) of cardiovascular calcification, showing in orange calcium phosphate spherical particles (denser material) and, in green, the extracellular matrix (less dense material)
Bonsack's cigarette rolling machine, as shown on U.S. patent 238,640
Cardiovascular diseases deaths per million persons in 2012
A lengthy study conducted in order to establish the strong association necessary for legislative action (US cigarette consumption per person blue, male lung cancer rate brown)
Disability-adjusted life year for inflammatory heart diseases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004 
No data
Less than 70
More than 770
Tendu Patta (Leaf) collection for Beedi industries
Disability-adjusted life year for cardiovascular diseases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004 
no data
A graph that shows the efficiency of smoking as a way to absorb nicotine compared to other forms of intake.
Sigmund Freud, whose doctor assisted his suicide because of oral cancer caused by smoking
Common adverse effects of tobacco smoking. The more common effects are in bold face.
Skull with a burning cigarette, by Vincent van Gogh.
An enclosed smoking area in a Japanese train station. Notice the air vent on the roof.

Tobacco smoke is a sooty aerosol produced by the incomplete combustion of tobacco during the smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

- Tobacco smoke

Tobacco smoking is the practice of burning tobacco and ingesting the smoke that is produced.

- Tobacco smoking

This may be caused by high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes mellitus, lack of exercise, obesity, high blood cholesterol, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor sleep, among other things.

- Cardiovascular disease

Tobacco smoke, besides being an irritant and significant indoor air pollutant, is known to cause lung cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and other serious diseases in smokers (and in non-smokers as well).

- Tobacco smoke

Associations also exist for exposure to arsenic, benzopyrenes, lead, dynamite, carbon disulphide, carbon monoxide, metalworking fluids and occupational exposure to tobacco smoke.

- Cardiovascular disease

Regular cigar smoking is known to carry serious health risks, including increased risk of developing various types and subtypes of cancers, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, periodontal diseases and teeth loss, and malignant diseases.

- Tobacco smoking
Tobacco smoke in an Irish pub before a smoking ban came into effect on March 29, 2004

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