Front entrance to the Freer Gallery of Art
Entrance to the Freer Gallery of Art
Drawing of the North Elevation
The Peacock Room by Whistler
This earthenware dish from 9th century Abbasid, Iraq is one of the many artifacts exhibited at the Freer Gallery.
Shrine of Parshvanatha, 11th century
Seated Ganesha, Hoysala dynasty, 12th–13th century
Somaskanda (Shiva and his wife Uma), Chola dynasty, 12th century
Sri Krsna with the flute Opaque watercolor and gold
Depiction of the Lord Krishna in the Golden City from the Harivamsha
The Bharhut stupa, depicted on one of the friezes.
Ancient Egyptian coffin mask made of wood and glass, New Kingdom, 18th or 19th Dynasty (1550–1196 BC)
Ancient Egyptian miniature glassware vessels, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty (1550–1307 BC)

From 1922 to 1942 he was a curator at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

- Carl Whiting Bishop

The papers of Carl Whiting Bishop Dwight William Tryon, Myron Bement Smith, Benjamin March and Henri Vever are also located at the Archives.

- Freer Gallery of Art
Front entrance to the Freer Gallery of Art

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