Carpathian Ruthenia

TranscarpathiaZakarpattiaCarpathiaCarpathian RusSubcarpathiaSubcarpathian RutheniaCarpatho-RuthenianCarpathianCarpatho-RusKárpátalja
Carpathian Ruthenia, Carpatho-Ukraine or Zakarpattia (Карпатська Русь, Karpats'ka Rus' or Закарпаття, Zakarpattja; Slovak and ; Kárpátalja; Transcarpatia; Zakarpacie; Карпатская Русь, Karpatskaya Rus'; Karpatenukraine) is a historic region in the border between Central and Eastern Europe, mostly located in western Ukraine's Zakarpattia Oblast, with smaller parts in easternmost Slovakia (largely in Prešov Region and Košice Region) and Poland's Lemkovyna.wikipedia
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