The fortified town from an engraving of 1745. On the left the river Po, and to the right the star-shaped cittadella
Memorial to asbestos victims on the former Eternit factory site.
Piazza Mazzini
The Torre Civica
The Cathedral's narthex
Piazza Mazzini; in the background Via Saffi leads past the civic tower towards Piazza Castello
Santa Caterina. Note the elliptical drum
The Theatre
Neoclassical façade of Santa Croce by Francesco Ottavio Magnocavalli
Ai caduti: the war memorial
Palazzo Treville
Palazzo San Giorgio, the town hall
Portrait of Anna d'Alençon by Macrino d'Alba
Niccolò Musso, self-portrait
Ascanio Sobrero
Roberto Bolle
Piazza Santo Stefano
Church of Santo Stefano
Carlo Alberto
The Castle
The Torre Civica
San Domenico
Synagogue of Casale
The cathedral of Sant’Evasio

When William died in Casale Monferrato, he was succeeded by his brother Boniface III.

- William VIII, Marquis of Montferrat

In 1471, after William VIII, Marquess of Montferrat had chosen Casale as the permanent location of the marquisate court, construction began of the church of San Domenico, to the north of Piazza Mazzini.

- Casale Monferrato

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Boniface III, Marquis of Montferrat

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Marquis of Montferrat from 1483 until his death.

Marquis of Montferrat from 1483 until his death.

He succeeded his brother William VIII who had got involved in the War of Ferrara.

This decision was spurred by the assassination of Scipione Palaiologos, the illegitimate son of John IV of Montferrat who tried to gain the throne, at Casale Monferrato by his relative Ludovico II, Marquis of Saluzzo, who was also a candidate to the succession.