Castle Rock (Edinburgh)

Castle RockCastlehillCastle Hill of Edinburghrocky cragCastle Hill
Castle Rock is a volcanic plug in the middle of Edinburgh upon which Edinburgh Castle sits.wikipedia
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Edinburgh Castle

EdinburghCastleScottish National War Memorial
Castle Rock is a volcanic plug in the middle of Edinburgh upon which Edinburgh Castle sits.
Edinburgh Castle (Caisteal Dhùn Éideann) is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, from its position on the Castle Rock.


Edinburgh, ScotlandCity of EdinburghCity of Edinburgh council area
The earliest comparison between the two cities showed that they had a similar topography, with the Castle Rock of Edinburgh performing a similar role to the Athenian Acropolis.

History of Edinburgh

EdinburghNorthumbrian Edinburgh
Its origins as a settlement can be traced to the early Middle Ages when a hillfort was established in the area, most likely on the Castle Rock.

St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh

St Cuthberts ChurchyardSt Cuthbert's ChurchyardSt Cuthbert's Church
The church building is situated east of Lothian Road in central Edinburgh at the western foot of the Castle Rock, at the west end of Princes Street, but set well below street level, unlike its more modern counterpart, St John's, which screens the church in views from the north.

Scottish American Memorial

Scottish-American War MemorialScottish American War Memorial
It was called "The Call 1914", and it was erected in 1927 and shows a kilted infantryman looking towards Castle Rock.

Church architecture in Scotland

churchesecclesiastical architecture
The oldest Romanesque church in Scotland is probably the small chapel built for Máel Coluim's wife Margaret on Castle Rock, Edinburgh, with a vaulted semi-circular apse.

Bass Rock

BassThe BassBass Rock castle
There are related volcanic formations within nearby Edinburgh, namely Arthur's Seat, Calton Hill and Castle Rock.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock (Edinburgh), Scotland, site of Edinburgh Castle

Arthur's Seat

Arthur’s SeatDunsapie Hillhill of the same name in Edinburgh
Arthur's Seat is the largest of the three parts of the Arthur's Seat Volcano site of special scientific interest (the other parts being Calton Hill and the Castle Rock) which is designated to protect its important geology (see below), grassland habitats and uncommon plant and animal species.

Camera Obscura (Edinburgh)

Camera Obscura, and World of IllusionsOutlook Tower and Camera ObscuraCamera Obscura
After this very popular observatory was pulled down by authorities against her protests in 1851, she moved to Castlehill.

Old Town, Edinburgh

Old TownEdinburgh's Old TownOld
The street layout, typical of the old quarters of many northern European cities, is made especially picturesque in Edinburgh, where the castle perches on top of a rocky crag, the remnants of an extinct volcano, and the main street runs down the crest of a ridge from it. This "crag and tail" landform was created during the last ice age when receding glaciers scoured across the land pushing soft soil aside but being split by harder crags of volcanic rock.

Hills in Edinburgh

seven hillsSeven Hills of Edinburghseven hills in Edinburgh
Castle Rock — a volcanic plug (128m, 60m) at 55.94939°N, -3.20045°W

Nor Loch

Nor' LochNorth Loch
The depression, along with the parallel one, now occupied by the Cowgate, was formed by glacial erosion during the last Ice Age, when the icepack was forced to divide by the volcanic plug now known as Castle Rock.

The Great Day of His Wrath

The End of the World'' (painting)
Calton Hill, Arthur's Seat, and the Castle Rock, Feaver says, are falling together into the valley between them.


acropoleisAthensAcropolis temples
The word acropolis literally means in Greek "upper city," and though associated primarily with the Greek cities Athens, Argos (with Larissa), Thebes (with Cadmea), and Corinth (with its Acrocorinth), may be applied generically to all such citadels, including Rome, Jerusalem, Celtic Bratislava, many in Asia Minor, or even Castle Rock in Edinburgh.

Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm

Fire Storm
Author Andy Lane first got the idea to use Edinburgh as a setting in a book in the Young Sherlock Holmes series while visiting Edinburgh and observing Castle Rock.

John Lauder

The sentence was carried out on the Castle Hill of Edinburgh on the last day of February 1539.

The Hub, Edinburgh

The HubTolbooth Kirk, EdinburghTolbooth Kirk
The building is situated on a corner site, at the junction of Castlehill, Johnstone Terrace and the Lawnmarket, at the top of the Royal Mile.

Agnes Finnie

She was tried on 20 December 1644 and executed on the Castle Hill of Edinburgh on Thursday, 6 March 1645.

Charge (heraldry)

An example is the arms of Edinburgh, portraying Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock.

Volcanic plug

volcanic neckplugplugs
Castle Rock is a volcanic plug in the middle of Edinburgh upon which Edinburgh Castle sits.


Carboniferous PeriodCarbUpper Carboniferous
The rock is estimated to have formed some 350 million years ago during the early Carboniferous period.