(C) Catcher's position behind home plate
Uni-President Lions catcher Kao Chih-kang preparing for a game
Hartnett, circa 1925
Catcher Matt Wieters blocks runner Derek Jeter from tagging home plate.
Hartnett's plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame
1904 US Patent for Catcher Protective Equipment
Hartnett's grave at All Saints Cemetery
A catcher in customary squatting position (wearing a "hockey-style" mask) prepares to receive a pitch.
Vic Willis wearing an old-fashioned catcher's mask.

He played almost his entire career in Major League Baseball as a catcher with the Chicago Cubs, from 1922 to 1940.

- Gabby Hartnett

Gabby Hartnett

- Catcher
(C) Catcher's position behind home plate

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Al López

López in 1965
López, circa 1966
Al López's plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame
Al López (at left) with Ronald Reagan and Walter Alston, 1982

Alfonso Ramón López (August 20, 1908 – October 30, 2005) was a Spanish-American professional baseball catcher and manager.

In, López surpassed Gabby Hartnett's major league record for career games as a catcher, and when he retired after the 1947 season, his major league record for games caught stood at 1,918.

Jack Clements

American professional baseball player.

American professional baseball player.

He played as a catcher in Major League Baseball for 17 seasons.

Both of his records were broken by Gabby Hartnett in the 1920s; the single-season record fell in 1925, while the career record fell in 1928.