A report on Catullus and Louis Zukofsky

Modern bust of Catullus on the Piazza Carducci in Sirmione.
Louis Zukofsky
Catullus at Lesbia's by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Bithynia within the Roman Empire
Catullus et in eum commentarius (1554)
Lesbia, 1878 painting by John Reinhard Weguelin inspired by the poems of Catullus

Another major work that preoccupied Zukofsky for much of the 1960s was the controversial Catullus, a homophonic translation from Latin done in collaboration with his wife of the entire existent works of Catullus.

- Louis Zukofsky

The American poet Louis Zukofsky in 1969 wrote an extraordinary set of homophonic translations of Catullus that attempted in English to replicate the sound as primary emphasis, rather than the more common emphasis on sense of the originals (although the relationship between sound and sense there is often misrepresented and has been clarified by careful study); his Catullus versions have had extensive influence on contemporary innovative poetry and homophonic translation, including the work of poets Robert Duncan, Robert Kelly, and Charles Bernstein.

- Catullus
Modern bust of Catullus on the Piazza Carducci in Sirmione.

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