A report on Tivoli, Lazio and Catullus

Modern bust of Catullus on the Piazza Carducci in Sirmione.
Catullus at Lesbia's by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Landscape showing the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli, by Adam Elsheimer, c. 1600
Bithynia within the Roman Empire
Waterfalls of Tivoli, Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, 1745–1750
Catullus et in eum commentarius (1554)
The castle of Rocca Pia, built in 1461 by Pope Pius II.
Lesbia, 1878 painting by John Reinhard Weguelin inspired by the poems of Catullus
Small area in the old town.
Little Waterfalls under the Ponte Gregoriano.
Upper part of the Temple of the Tosse.
View of Tivoli by Hendrik Frans van Lint, 1731

In a poem, Catullus describes his happy homecoming to the family villa at Sirmio, on Lake Garda, near Verona; he also owned a villa near the resort of Tibur (Tivoli).

- Catullus

Maecenas and Augustus also had villas at Tibur, and the poet Horace had a modest villa: he and Catullus and Statius all mention Tibur in their poems.

- Tivoli, Lazio

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