Caupolicán the Younger

The son of the toqui Caupolicán.

- Caupolicán the Younger

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Toqui or war leader of the Mapuche people, who led the resistance of his people against the Spanish Conquistadors who invaded the territory of today's Chile during the sixteenth century.


His only known child was named Lemucaguin, or Caupolican the younger.


Title conferred by the Mapuche ( an indigenous Chilean and Argentinian people) on those chosen as leaders during times of war.

Toqui Lautaro, painting by Pedro Subercaseaux.
Probable standard of the Toqui, based on representations.

Lemucaguin or Caupolicán the younger 1558 †


Lautaro, hero of the Arauco war; Rayén Quitral outstanding soprano; Current Mapuche woman; Ceferino Namuncura blessed of the Catholic Church.

Illangulién, Quiromanite, Queupulien or Antiguenu, was the Mapuche toqui (war leader) elected to replace Lemucaguin or Caupolicán the younger in 1559 following the Battle of Quiapo to his death in battle in the Battle of Angol in 1564.

Battle of Quiapo

Quiapo River

Battle of Quiapo in the Arauco War was the final battle in the campaign of García Hurtado de Mendoza against the Mapuche under the toqui known as Lemucaguin or Caupolicán the younger.

Quiapo, Chile

Place in Arauco Province of Chile that is 25 kilometers to the southwest of Arauco and about 25 kilometers to the north and east of the port of Lebu to the east of the Bahia del Carnero and 6.4 kilometers west of the small town of Villa Alegre.

Locobe beach, Arauco, Chile

In the Arauco War, the hills at the confluence of the two streams was the location of the fortress built by the Mapuche Toqui Lemucaguin or Caupolicán the younger, to block the northward advance of García Hurtado de Mendoza, Marquis of Cañete into the Arauco area and site of the 1558 Battle of Quiapo.


The successor to Turcupichun as toqui of the Moluche Butalmapu north of the Biobío River in 1558.

Toqui Lautaro, painting by Pedro Subercaseaux.

The later historian, Juan Ignacio Molina, calls the toqui that led at Quiapo Caupolicán the younger, son the executed toqui Caupolican

Arauco War

Long-running conflict between colonial Spaniards and the Mapuche people, mostly fought in the Araucanía.

Map of the Araucanía from the 18th century, showing a large part of the territory in which the Arauco War was fought.
Pedro de Valdivia
Doña Inés de Suárez in defending the city of Santiago
Caupolican by Nicanor Plaza
Picture from Alonso de Ovalle's Historia de Chile
Picture "El joven Lautaro" of P. Subercaseaux, shows the military genius and expertise of its people.
García Hurtado de Mendoza, 5th Marquis of Cañete

In Quiapo, the Mapuches under their new toqui, Caupolicán the younger, constructed a fort that was to stop the forces of Mendoza from marching into Arauco and rebuilding a fort there.