Misty Blue Sitting Statue of Guanyin, Jingde Kiln. Southern Song Dynasty. Collected in Changzhou Museum.
Maps of "Tchang-chou-hien" and "Kia-ting-hien" from Du Halde's 1735 Description of China, based on accounts by Jesuit missionaries.
Map including Changzhou (labeled as (walled) WU-CHIN (CHANGCHOW) 武進) (AMS, 1952)
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He was born in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.

- Qu Qiubai

Qu Qiubai (1899–1935), former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and prominent Marxist thinker and writer. Named "Changzhou San Jie" together with Yun Daiying and Zhang Tailei.

- Changzhou

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