A report on RMS Lusitania and Chelsea Piers

Lusitania, shortly before her launch
Chelsea Piers as seen from the air. Pier 62 is on the left, with the driving range of Pier 59 partially visible on the right
RMS Lusitania: Built in 1904-1906
Chelsea Piers from the West Side Highway
Lusitania unloading Christmas mail to a post office boat
Golf club entrance
Early concept art of Lusitania with three funnels
The RMS Carpathia at Pier 54 after the RMS Titanic rescue
Deck plans of Lusitania. Modifications were made both during and after the ship's construction. By 1915 the lifeboat arrangement had been changed to 11 fixed boats on either side, plus collapsible boats stored under each lifeboat and on the poop deck.
The archway is the only remaining identifiable piece of the pier
Painting of Lusitania by Norman Wilkinson
Pier 54 in 2012
Lounge and music room
The RMS Lusitania at Pier 54
Verandah cafe
Chelsea Piers and Lusitania about 1910
The archway of Cunard Pier 54
Finished first-class dining room
View of Chelsea Piers and Venus Mural
First-class smoking room
First-class reading and writing room
Lusitanias launch, 7 June 1906
arriving at port on maiden voyage June 1911, with Lusitania departing in the background
Lusitania arriving in New York on her maiden voyage
Stereo picture of Wright Flyer, Lusitania (Europe-bound), and the Statue of Liberty, during Hudson Fulton Celebration. In a generation the aeroplane would replace ocean queens like Lusitania as the mainstay of trans-atlantic travel.
Germany's declared exclusion zone of February 1915. Ships within this area were liable to search and attack.
Captain Daniel Dow, Lusitanias penultimate master
The official warning issued by the Imperial German Embassy about travelling on Lusitania
Captain William Thomas Turner, photographed on 11 March 1915.
Lusitania departing New York on her final voyage, 1 May 1915
The New York Times article expressed the immediate recognition of the serious implications of the sinking, this lead story on 8 May having a section (below what is pictured here) titled "Nation's Course in Doubt".
One of the propellers salvaged from the RMS Lusitania, located at Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool

Located to the west of the West Side Highway (Eleventh Avenue) and Hudson River Park and to the east of the Hudson River, they were originally a passenger ship terminal in the early 1900s that was used by the RMS Lusitania and was the destination of the RMS Carpathia after rescuing the survivors of the RMS Titanic.

- Chelsea Piers

The ship departed Pier 54 in New York, on 1 May 1915 at 12:20 pm.

- RMS Lusitania
Lusitania, shortly before her launch

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