A Royal Navy boatswain's mate in 1820.
Royal Navy<ref name="UK_Navy">{{cite web |title=Shaping your career |url=https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers/navy-life/shaping-your-career |website=royalnavy.mod.uk |publisher=Royal Navy |access-date=24 September 2021}}</ref>
Relative Ranks in the Royal Navy, c1810
Royal Australian Navy<ref name="Australia">{{cite web |title=Badges of rank |url=https://www.defence.gov.au/images/Badges_of_rank.pdf |website=defence.gov.au |publisher=Department of Defence (Australia) |access-date=31 May 2021}}</ref>
A petty officer of the Royal Navy on parade in London in 2015. Gold chevrons on the left arm represent good conduct, each one representing 4 years of service. After 15 years of service, with no breaks in good conduct, the individual is presented with their Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (nicknamed in the RN as Long Service & Undetected Crime Medal) it is the medal on the far right of this Petty Officer's row of medals.
Royal Bahamas Defence Force<ref>{{cite web |title=ENLISTED RATES |url=http://rbdf.gov.bs/the-enlisted/ |website=rbdf.gov.bs |publisher=Royal Bahamas Defence Force |access-date=14 January 2021}}</ref>
Five United States Navy Reserve petty officers in Service Dress Uniform. From left to right: HM1, AT1, HM1, HM1, AT1.
Bangladesh Navy<ref name="Bangladesh_Navy">{{cite web |author1=Bangladesh Navy |title=Rank of Navy & Equivalent Rank |url=https://www.navy.mil.bd/Rank-of-Navy-&-Equivalent-Rank |website=navy.mil.bd |access-date=27 May 2021}}</ref>
Barbados Coast Guard
Belize Coast Guard
Ghana Navy
Liberian National Coast Guard<ref name="Liberia">{{cite web |url=http://www.vertic.org/media/National%20Legislation/Liberia/LR_Defense%20Act%20of%202008.pdf |title=Defense Act of 2008 |date=3 September 2008 |page=8 |access-date=20 November 2017}}</ref>
Jamaican Coast Guard<ref name="Jamaica">{{cite web |title=BADGES OF RANK |url=https://www.jdfweb.com/badges-of-rank/ |website=Official Jamaica Defence Force Website |access-date=16 November 2019 |date=2019|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20200820143541/https://www.jdfweb.com/badges-of-rank/ |archive-date=20 August 2020}}</ref>
Indian Navy<ref name="India_Navy">{{cite web |title=Ranks & Insignia |url=https://www.joinindiannavy.gov.in/en/about-us/ranks-insignia.html |website=Join Indian Navy |access-date=12 April 2021}}</ref>
Namibian Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy<ref name="NewZealand">{{cite web |title=Badges of Rank |url=https://www.nzdf.mil.nz/corporate-documents/badges-of-rank/ |website=nzdf.mil.nz |publisher=New Zealand Defence Force |access-date=11 June 2021 |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20200703193648/https://www.nzdf.mil.nz/corporate-documents/badges-of-rank/ |archive-date=3 July 2020}}</ref>
Papua New Guinea Maritime Element
Sierra Leone Navy
South African Navy<ref name="SouthAfrica_Navy">{{cite web |title=Rank Insignia |url=http://www.navy.mil.za/aboutus/Rank_Insignia.gif |website=navy.mil.za |publisher=Department of Defence (South Africa) |access-date=29 May 2021 |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20190518212959/http://www.navy.mil.za/aboutus/Rank_Insignia.gif |archive-date=18 May 2019}}</ref>
Sri Lanka Navy<ref name="SriLanka_Navy">{{cite web |title=Branches/ Ranks |url=https://www.navy.lk/branches-ranks.html |website=navy.lk |publisher=Sri Lanka Navy |access-date=24 September 2021}}</ref>
Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard<ref name="Trinidad&Tobago_Other">{{cite web |title=Rank Chart (Enlisted) |url= |website= |publisher=Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force |access-date=27 May 2021}}</ref>
United States Navy
United States Coast Guard

Often they may be superior to a seaman, and subordinate to more senior non-commissioned officers, such as a chief petty officers.

- Petty officer

In the Royal Navy, the rank of chief petty officer comes above that of petty officer and below that of warrant officer class 2.

- Chief petty officer
A Royal Navy boatswain's mate in 1820.

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A sergeant of the Coldstream Guards addressing through the ranks during the rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Non-commissioned officer

Military officer who has not pursued a commission.

Military officer who has not pursued a commission.

A sergeant of the Coldstream Guards addressing through the ranks during the rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour ceremony.
Sergeant, Royal Artillery, on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, firing the one o'clock gun
A First Sergeant with the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) gets his soldiers ready for a uniform inspection

The naval equivalent includes some or all grades of petty officer.

"(a) In relation to the Navy, a rating of warrant officer, chief petty officer, petty officer, or leading rank; and includes—

Emblem of the United States Navy

United States Navy

Maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

Maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the eight uniformed services of the United States.

Emblem of the United States Navy
USS Constellation vs L'Insurgente during the Quasi-War
USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere during the War of 1812
A carte de visite of a U.S. Navy lieutenant during the Civil War
The Great White Fleet demonstrating U.S. naval power in 1907; it was proof that the U.S. Navy had blue-water capability.
Columbia, personification of the United States, wearing a warship bearing the words "World Power" as her "Easter bonnet" on the cover of Puck, 6 April 1901
Battleship USS Idaho (BB-42) shelling Okinawa on 1 April 1945.
USS George Washington (SSBN-598), a ballistic missile submarine
U.S. Navy officers aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) monitor defense systems during early 2010s maritime security operations exercises
U.S. Navy patrol boat near Kuwait Naval Base in 2009
The amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA-6), launched in 2012.
Organization of the United States Navy within the Department of Defense
Simplified flowchart of the U.S. Navy command structure
Areas of responsibility for each of the United States Navy fleets. Tenth Fleet serves as the numbered fleet for U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and therefore is not shown.
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) docking at the U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan
A Marine F/A-18 from VMFA-451 preparing to launch from USS Coral Sea (CV-43)
A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter preparing to land on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD-1)
Navy SEALs at one of the entrances to the Zhawar Kili cave complex
U.S. Navy warrant officer specialty insignias
Map of naval bases in the United States
Underwater Demolition Team members using the casting technique from a speeding boat
Combat Camera Underwater Photo Team – A U.S. Navy diver during underwater photography training off the coast of Guantanamo Bay
USS Nimitz, a
USS Bataan (LHD-5), a
USS San Antonio (LPD-17), a
USS Port Royal (CG-73), a
USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000), a Zumwalt-class stealth guided missile destroyer
USS Independence (LCS-2), a Littoral combat ship
USS Freedom (LCS-1) underway in special naval camouflage
USS Warrior (MCM-10) in port
USS Typhoon (PC-5) departing Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek in Virginia
USS Kentucky (SSBN-737), an ballistic missile submarine
USS Virginia (SSN-774), a attack submarine
Four Navy F/A-18F Super Hornets
U.S. Navy MH-60R maritime strike helicopter assigned to the HSM-78 Blue Hawks aboard the carrier USS Carl Vinson
Aviation Ordnancemen loading GBU-12 bombs in 2005
U.S. naval jack
First navy jack
Naval Aviator Badge
Submarine Officer badge
Surface Warfare Officer Insignia

Most Navy warrant officers are accessed from the chief petty officer pay grades, E-7 through E-9, analogous to a senior non-commissioned officer in the other services, and must have a minimum 14 years in service.

E-4 to E-6 are non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and are specifically called Petty officers in the Navy.