Picture of a Curanto a la olla
Location within Chile
A southern pudú, one of smallest deer in the world, amongst Chilean rhubarb on Isla San Pedro.
Darwin's fox (Lycalopex fulvipes) is endemic to the southern portion of the Chilean Coast Range.
Reconstruction of a dalca, a type of boat used by Chonos, Huilliches and Spaniards living in Chiloé
Nicolás Mascardi, shown here in the Cathedral of Bariloche, was among the Jesuits who used Chiloé as a starting point for exploration and missionary activity around Nahuel Huapi Lake
Territories controlled by Chile and the Viceroyalty of Perú after the Battle of Chacabuco of 1817. Chiloé and Valdivia were enclaves accessible only by sea.
This church near Chacao bears evidence of baroque and neoclassical elements introduced by clergy in colonial times.
Chiloé is a center of diversity of potatoes.
Fishing boats in Quellón. Corcovado Volcano in the background.

The cuisine of Chiloé is a distinct form of cuisine from Chiloé Archipelago.

- Cuisine of Chiloé

The archipelago is known within Chile for its distinctive folklore, mythology, potatoes, cuisine and unique architecture.

- Chiloé Archipelago

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