An idealised portrait of Jakob Böhme
Title of Reuchlin's De arte cabalistica libri tres, iam denua adcurate revisi, 1530.
front page of Francesco Giorgi's De harmonia mundi.
Sephirotic diagram from Knorr von Rosenroth's Kabbala Denudata.

His significance for the history of Christian Kabbalah is that his ideas and doctrines exercised a profound influence on the works of the German theosopher, Jakob Böhme, in particular Böhme's Forty Questions on the Soul (c.1621).

- Christian Kabbalah

Faivre describes the "theosophic current" or theosophy as a single esoteric current among seven other esoteric currents in early modern Western thought (i.e., alchemy, astrology, Neo-Alexandrian Hermeticism, Christian Kabbalah, Paracelsism—that is, the studying of the "prognostications" of Paracelsus—philosophia occulta and Rosicrucianism).

- Christian theosophy
An idealised portrait of Jakob Böhme

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