Christianity in Pakistan

ChristianChristiansPakistani ChristianPakistani ChristiansChristian minorityChristianityChristians in Pakistan1.59%Christian community of PakistanChristian Pakistani
Christians make up one of the two largest (non-Muslim) religious minorities in Pakistan, along with Hindus.wikipedia
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Mohammad Yousuf (cricketer)

Mohammad YousufYousuf YouhanaMohammed Yousuf
One of Pakistan's cricketers, Yousuf Youhana, was born Christian, but later converted to Islam, taking the Islamic name Mohammad Yousuf.
Prior to his conversion to Islam, Yousuf was one of the few Christians to play for the Pakistan national cricket team.

2009 Gojra riots

Gojraseries of attacksviolence
In 2009, a series of attacks killed eight Christians in Gojra, including four women and a child.
Christians make up 1.6% of Pakistan's predominantly Sunni Muslim population of 210 million people.

2016 Lahore suicide bombing

2016 Lahore bombing27 March 201672 people were killed
On March 27, 2016 over seventy people were killed when a suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter (though the majority of victims were Muslim in this instance) attacked a playground in Lahore.
The attack targeted Christians who were celebrating Easter.

Peshawar church bombing

Peshawar church attack78 people and 130All Saints church in Peshawar
In 2013, a suicide bombing at a Church in Peshawar left more than 100 people dead, and a series of attacks at churches in Lahore in 2015 left 14 dead.
It was the deadliest attack on the Christian minority in the history of Pakistan.

Asia Bibi blasphemy case

Asia BibiAsia Noreen Bibithe case of Asia Bibi
In November 2010, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by hanging for "blasphemy"; the sentence has to be upheld in higher court before it can be executed.
In 2010, Pakistani Christian woman Aasiya Noreen (undefined –, born c.

Punjab, Pakistan

PunjabPunjab ProvincePunjab (Pakistan)
Islam was very strong in the provinces of Punjab, Balochistan and the North West Frontier Province, but small native communities of converts to Christianity were formed.
The largest non-Muslim minority is Christians and make up 2.6% of the population.

Rimsha Masih blasphemy case

Rimsha Masih
In August 2012, Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl, reportedly 11 or 14 years old, and an illiterate with mental disabilities was accused of blasphemy for burning pages from a book containing Quranic verses.
She is a member of Pakistan's Christian minority.

John Joseph (bishop)

John JosephBishop John Joseph
Pakistan's Christian community developed a "growing sense of concern", particularly over the strict blasphemy laws – which restricts any insults against the Islamic prophet Muhammad and makes the crime punishable by death – which many activists viewed as "being abused to target religious minorities. In the 1990s, some Christians were arrested on charges of blasphemy, and for protesting that appeared to insult Islam. John Joseph, a bishop in Faisalabad, committed suicide to protest the execution of a Christian man on blasphemy charges.
He committed suicide by shooting himself on 6 May 1998, in protest at the execution of a Christian man on trumped up blasphemy charges by Muslims in Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Congress

Politically, groups like the Pakistan Christian Congress have arisen.
The party aims to safeguard and advocate the social, religious and political rights of Christians in Pakistan.

Nazir Latif

Latif was one of the distinguished Christian pilots who participated and fought, for Pakistan side, in 1965 Indo-Pak War and the 1971 Winter War.

Forced conversion

had toforced religious conversionforced
Coerced conversions to Islam from Christianity are a major source of concern for Pakistani Christians, and the minority faces threats, harassment and intimidation tactics from extremists.
The rise of Taliban insurgency in Pakistan has been an influential and increasing factor in the persecution of and discrimination against religious minorities, such as Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, and other minorities.

Balochistan, Pakistan

BalochistanBalochistan ProvinceBaluchistan
Islam was very strong in the provinces of Punjab, Balochistan and the North West Frontier Province, but small native communities of converts to Christianity were formed.
There was also a Christian minority of 26,462 individuals in the province.

Michael John O'Brian

MJ O'Brian
He also served as the Deputy Chief of Air Staff, and was one of the distinguished Christian pilots who participated in Indo-Pakistan wars of 1947, 1965, and the 1971.

Capital Development Authority (Islamabad)

Capital Development AuthorityCDA EngineeringCDA Model School
Since 2014, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a public benefit corporation responsible for providing municipal services in Islamabad, has been targeting and demolishing illegal slums who are largely occupied by Christians in the city.
Since 2014, the CDA has been targeting and demolishing illegal slums who are largely occupied by Christians in Islamabad.

Eric G. Hall

Eric Gordon HallEric Gordan Hall
A two-star general in the Pakistan Air Force, Hall had served as Vice Chief of Air Staff and was one of the distinguished Christian pilots who participated in the Indo-Pakistan wars of 1947, 1965 and 1971.

William Hague

William Hague, Baron Hague of RichmondLord Hague of RichmondHague
The UK increased financial aid to the country, sparking criticism of British foreign secretary William Hague.
However, in March 2011, Hague was criticised by Cardinal Keith O'Brien for increasing financial aid to Pakistan despite persecution of its Christian minority: "To increase aid to the Pakistan Government when religious freedom is not upheld and those who speak up for religious freedom are gunned down is tantamount to an anti-Christian foreign policy".

Shahbaz Bhatti

Clement Shahbaz Bhatti
In March 2011, Shahbaz Bhatti was killed by gunmen after he spoke out against Pakistan's blasphemy laws.
Bhatti had been the recipient of death threats since 2009, when he spoke in support of Pakistani Christians attacked in the 2009 Gojra riots in Punjab Province.

Religion in Pakistan

The remaining 4% practice Hinduism, Christianity, Ahmadis, Sikhism and other religions.

Church of Pakistan

of PakistanBishop Moderator of PakistanPakistan
Apart from Catholics, Christians of other denominations re-organized themselves, in India, into the Churches of North and South India respectively, and as the Church of Pakistan in 1970.

The Benjamin Sisters

Benjamin Sisters
The Benjamin Sisters are from a Pakistani Christian family.

Dilshad Najmuddin

Najmuddin belonged to the well-known Pakistani Christian Najmuddin family of Lahore, Pakistan who have run the renowned Joan McDonald schools system in Lahore and Islamabad, since 1921 onwards.

Catholic Church in Pakistan

Roman Catholic ChurchRoman Catholicism in PakistanRoman Catholic
On 15 March 2015, two blasts took place at a Roman Catholic Church and a Christ Church during Sunday service at Youhanabad town of Lahore.
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2017 Quetta church attack

A bomb killed nine and injured fifty-sevenattack by two suicide bombers on a churchBethel Memorial Methodist Church
On 17 December 2017, a bomb killed nine and injured fifty-seven.