Clinton, Tennessee

View of Clinton in 1938
African-American students entering Clinton High School, December 1956
Magnet Mills factory site and water tower in 2016
Downtown Clinton

City in and the county seat of Anderson County, Tennessee, United States.

- Clinton, Tennessee

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Anderson County, Tennessee

County in the U.S. state of Tennessee.


Its county seat is Clinton.

Clinch River

River that flows southwest for more than 300 mi through the Great Appalachian Valley in the U.S. states of Virginia and Tennessee, gathering various tributaries, including the Powell River, before joining the Tennessee River in Kingston, Tennessee.

The Clinch River above Clinton, Tennessee (tailwaters of Norris Dam) is stocked with rainbow trout and brown trout by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Clinton Engineer Works

The production installation of the Manhattan Project that during World War II produced the enriched uranium used in the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima, as well as the first examples of reactor-produced plutonium.

Workers leaving the Manhattan Project's Y-12 plant on 11 August 1945
Projected Site for Atomic Production Plants, 1942
A. L. Robinette, one of the farmers dispossessed by the compulsory acquisition of his land
A notice to landowners that their land was now in the possession of the federal government and that they had to vacate the premises
Oak Ridge. The Y-12 electromagnetic separation plant is in the upper right. The K-25 and K-27 gaseous diffusion plants are in the lower left, near the S-50 thermal diffusion plant. The X-10 is in the lower center.
Girl scouts visit X-10. When the Girl Scout troop was formed in wartime Oak Ridge, girls were listed as coming from the Knoxville Girl Scout office, and were registered by their first names only to safeguard their fathers' identities.
Operators at their calutron control panels at Y-12. Gladys Owens, the woman seated in the foreground, did not know what she had been involved with until seeing this photo in a public tour of the facility fifty years later.
One of the original houses overlooking the construction of K-25
Welder at K-25
Guards at the Solway Gate in 1946
A hutment at Oak Ridge. Each of these 16 by temporary structures provided accommodation for five workers.
White and colored privies at the X-10 plant
Security screening at the Clinton Engineer Works. Lie detector test.
Shopping at the PX in Oak Ridge
V-J Day celebrations-in Jackson Square, Oak Ridge
Gate opening ceremony at Elza Gate on 19 March 1949
Aerial view of K-25 in 2006

It was in East Tennessee, about 18 mi west of Knoxville, and was named after the town of Clinton, 8 mi to the north.

Frank G. Clement

American lawyer and politician who served as the 41st Governor of Tennessee from 1953 to 1959 and from 1963 to 1967.

Frank Clement during a visit to Israel in 1958.
Governor Clement (center), photographed with country music stars Jack Anglin and Johnnie Wright in 1957
Senator Lamar Alexander (left) discusses Governor Clement's role in the 1956 desegregation of Clinton High School with Clement's sister, Anna Belle, and son, Bob

In September 1956, he stationed National Guard troops in Clinton, Tennessee, to protect the first black students to attend Clinton High School from anti-integration protesters.

Knoxville metropolitan area

Metropolitan statistical area centered on Knoxville, Tennessee, the third largest city in Tennessee and the largest city in East Tennessee.


U.S. Route 25W

Western branch of U.S. Route 25 from Newport, Tennessee, where US 25 splits into US 25E and US 25W, to North Corbin, Kentucky, where the two highways rejoin.

Tennessee welcome sign ("Tennessee welcomes you") at the Tennessee–Kentucky state line in Jellico, Tennessee.

In Claxton, US 25W/SR 9 intersects SR 170, then continues north and leaves Claxton and winds its way through rural areas for a few miles to enter Clinton.

Asa Earl Carter

1950s segregationist speech writer, and later Western novelist.

African-American man drinking from a "Colored" water cooler in streetcar terminal, Oklahoma City, July 1939.

Carter made the national news again on September 1 and 2 of the same year, after he gave an inflammatory anti-integration speech in Clinton, Tennessee.

Clinton High School (Clinton, Tennessee)

Clinton High School Dragon
These life-size bronze statues of the twelve black students who integrated Clinton High School in 1956 stand outside the former Green McAdoo School in Clinton.

Clinton High School in Clinton, Tennessee, is the Anderson County, Tennessee, high school that serves students living in and near Clinton, Oliver Springs, and Claxton.

Tennessee State Route 61

West-to-east highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee that is 81.67 mi. State Route 61 begins in Roane County, and it ends in Grainger County.

Sign on I-75 for SR 61
State Route 61 in Andersonville, Tennessee.
The intersection of State Route 131 and State Route 61 in Luttrell.

SR 61 then enters the city of Clinton and junctions with US 25W/SR 9.

Trey Hollingsworth

American businessman and politician who is the U.S. representative for, serving since 2017.

Hollingsworth was born in Clinton, Tennessee.