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A clockmaker is an artisan who makes and/or repairs clocks.wikipedia
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Clockmakers generally do not work on watches; the skills and tools required are different enough that watchmaking is a separate field, handled by another specialist, the watchmaker.
The term clockmaker refers to an equivalent occupation specializing in clocks.

John Arnold (watchmaker)

John ArnoldJohn Arnold (1736–1799)
John Arnold, United Kingdom
John Arnold was apprenticed to his father, also a clockmaker, in Bodmin.


blacksmithingblacksmithsblacksmith shop
A requirement of joining the guild was to practise their craft and gain as much experience as possible, along with joining one of many other trade guilds, such as the Blacksmiths, Stationers, or Drapers Company.
Clocksmiths as recently as the 19th century used work hardening techniques to harden the teeth of brass gears and ratchets.

Antoine Cronier

Antoine Cronier, Paris
Antoine Cronier, or Crosnier, (January 13, 1732 - after 1806) was a noted clockmaker active during the second half of the 18th century in Paris, France.

Jost Bürgi

Bürgi, JostJoost Bürgi
Joost Bürgi, Switzerland
Jost Bürgi (also Joost, Jobst; Latinized surname Burgius or Byrgius; 28 February 1552 – 31 January 1632 ), active primarily at the courts in Kassel and Prague, was a Swiss clockmaker, a maker of astronomical instruments and a mathematician.

Interchangeable parts

interchangeableinterchangeabilityinterchangeability of parts
By the 20th century, interchangeable parts and standardized designs allowed the entire clock to be assembled in factories, and clockmakers specialized in repair of clocks.
Skilled engineers and machinists, many with armory experience, spread interchangeable manufacturing techniques to other American industries including clockmakers and sewing machine manufacturers Wilcox and Gibbs and Wheeler and Wilson, who used interchangeable parts before 1860.

Martin Burgess

Martin Burgess, United Kingdom
Edward Martin Burgess FSA FBHI (born 21 November 1931), known as Martin Burgess, is an English horologist and master clockmaker.


clockstimepiecemechanical clock
A clockmaker is an artisan who makes and/or repairs clocks.

John Harrison

H-4H4H4 and H5
John Harrison, United Kingdom
John Harrison (3 April 1693 – 24 March 1776) was a self-educated English carpenter and clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought-after device for solving the problem of calculating longitude while at sea.

Achille Brocot

AchilleBrocot, Achille
Achille Brocot, France
Achille Brocot (pronounced "broco" ) (11 July 1817 – 19 January 1878) was a French clockmaker and amateur mathematician.

Antide Janvier

Antide Janvier, France
Antide Janvier (1 July 1751 – 23 September 1835) was a French clockmaker.

James Ivory (watchmaker)

James IvoryJames Ivory and sonJames Ivory, the watchmaker
James Ivory, United Kingdom
James Ivory (1729 – 1793) was a British watchmaker, clockmaker, and engraver.

Joseph Knibb

Joseph Knibb, United Kingdom
He was cousin to Samuel Knibb, clockmaker, to whom he may have been apprenticed in about 1655.

Pierre Le Roy

PierreLe Roy
Pierre Le Roy, France
Pierre Le Roy (1717–1785) was a French clockmaker.

Jens Olsen

Jens Olsen, Denmark
Jens Olsen (27 July 1872 – 17 November 1945) was a clockmaker, locksmith and astromechanic who built the famous world clock located in the city hall of Copenhagen, the Rådhus.

Rasmus Sørnes

Rasmus Sørnes, Norway
Rasmus Jonassen Sørnes (22 March 1893 – 15 February 15, 1967), was a Norwegian inventor, clockmaker and radio technician, and is most famous for his advanced astronomical clocks, the most precise of which has an inaccuracy of 7 seconds during 1000 years.

David Rittenhouse

David Rittenhouse, United States
David Rittenhouse (April 8, 1732 – June 26, 1796) was an American astronomer, inventor, clockmaker, mathematician, surveyor, scientific instrument craftsman, and public official.

Smith of Derby Group

Smith of DerbyJ. Smith & SonsJohn Smith
Smith of Derby Group, United Kingdom
Founded in 1856, the Smith of Derby Group are clockmakers based in Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

J. B. Joyce & Co

J. B. JoyceJ. B. Joyce & CompanyJoyce of Whitchurch
J. B. Joyce & Company, United Kingdom
The claim is challenged by another English firm of clockmakers, Thwaites & Reed, who claim to have been in continuous manufacture since before 1740 with antecedents to 1610.

Eli Terry

Eli Terry Sr.clock maker
Eli Terry, United States
Eli Terry Sr. (April 13, 1772 – February 24, 1852) was an inventor and clockmaker in Connecticut.

Benjamin Vulliamy

Benjamin Vulliamy, United Kingdom
Benjamin Vulliamy (1747 – 31 December 1811), was a clockmaker responsible for building the Regulator Clock, which, between 1780 and 1884, was the official regulator of time in London.

Peter Henlein

Peter Henlein, Germany
At the time, locksmiths were among the few craftsmen with the skills and tools to enter the new field of clockmaking, and Henlein also became a clockmaker.

Richard Donisthorp

Richard Donisthorp, United Kingdom
Richard Donisthorp (fl. 1797) was an English clockmaker in Loughborough.

Simon Willard clocks

SimonSimon Willardown brand of tall clocks
Simon Willard, United States
Simon Willard clocks were produced in Massachusetts in the towns of Grafton and Roxbury, near Boston, by Simon Willard (April 3, 1753 – August 30, 1848), a celebrated U.S. clockmaker.

Potts of Leeds

William Potts & SonsPottsPotts & Sons
William Potts & Sons, United Kingdom
William Potts was born in December 1809 and was apprenticed to Samuel Thompson, a Darlington clockmaker.