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Cobra Video is an American gay pornographic studio.wikipedia
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Bryan Kocis

Harlow CuadraHarlow Cuadra and Joseph KerekesJoseph "Joe" Kerekes
The company has been the subject of scandals related to founder Bryan Kocis, who engaged in sex with a minor in one instance, and hired an underage actor to perform in another.
Bryan Charles Kocis (May 28, 1962 – January 24, 2007), also known as Bryan Phillips, was a director of gay pornographic films and founder of Cobra Video, a gay porn film studio.

Sean Paul Lockhart

Brent CorriganSean LockhartSean Paul Lockhart / Brent Corrigan
Pacific Sun Entertainment (Cobra's distributor) advised its retail sellers, in September 2005, to withhold from further distribution four of Cobra's most popular videos (Every Poolboy's Dream, Schoolboy Crush, Bareboned Twinks, and Casting Couch 4) when reports surfaced that a featured model, Brent Corrigan was, at the time of filming, under 18 years of age.
The boyfriend controlled the camera while the director and owner of Cobra Video observed.

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Cobra Video is an American gay pornographic studio.
Cobra Video (includes gay content)

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Cobra Video is an American gay pornographic studio.

Child pornography

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Kocis pled guilty to one count of sexual abuse of a child; he was charged with child pornography and transportation of a minor for sexual purposes.

Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

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According to the Luzerne County coroner investigating the death, Kocis was stabbed 28 times and his throat was cut before his body was left in his house, which was set on fire after he died.

Cobra (disambiguation)

Cobra Video, an American company producer of gay pornographic films