Codex Zographensis with the beginning of Mark's Gospel "ⰵⰲⰰⰳⰳ[ⰵ]ⰾⰻⰵ ⱁⱅⱏ ⰿⰰⱃⱏⰽⰰ (Єваггєлїе отъ Маръка)" (Saint Petersburg, National Library of Russia, Ms. глаг. 1, f.77r)
Example of the Cyrillic alphabet: excerpt from the manuscript "Bdinski Zbornik" written in Old Slavonic, 1360
Codex Zographensis with the Gospel of St John (Zograf monastery, Ms. глаг. 1, f.225r)
A page from the Codex Zographensis with text of the Gospel according to St Luke XIV, 19-24 (Zograf monastery, Ms. глаг. 1, f.187v)
A page from the Gospel of Miroslav, Serbian medieval manuscript, a 12th-century Byzantine-Slavonic book, National Library of Serbia.
The Introduction of the Slavonic Liturgy in Great Moravia (1912), by Alphonse Mucha, The Slav Epic
"Simeon I of Bulgaria, the Morning Star of Slavonic Literature". (1923), by Alphonse Mucha, The Slav Epic

The Codex Zographensis (or Tetraevangelium Zographense; scholarly abbreviation Zo) is an illuminated Old Church Slavonic canon manuscript.

- Codex Zographensis

This recension is represented by the Codex Zographensis and Marianus, among others.

- Old Church Slavonic

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Codex Marianus

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Codex Marianus

The Codex Marianus is an Old Church Slavonic fourfold Gospel Book written in Glagolitic script, dated to the beginning of the 11th century, which is (along with Codex Zographensis), one of the oldest manuscript witnesses to the Old Church Slavonic language, one of the two fourfold gospels being part of the Old Church Slavonic canon.