Colin Powell

Colin L. PowellGeneral Colin PowellPowellGeneral Colin L. PowellPowell, ColinbothColinColin Luther PowellColin PowelGen. Colin L. Powell
Colin Luther Powell (born April 5, 1937) is an American politician and retired four-star general in the United States Army.wikipedia
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Powell Doctrine

updatedWeinberger-Powell Doctrine
He also formulated the Powell Doctrine.
The "Powell Doctrine" is a journalist-created term, named after General Colin Powell in the run-up to the 1990–91 Gulf War.

Faithless electors in the 2016 United States presidential election

Christopher Suprunfaithless electorfaithless elector (2016)
In 2016, while not a candidate for that year's election, Powell received three electoral votes for the office of President of the United States.
Three of the faithless electors voted for Colin Powell while John Kasich, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, and Faith Spotted Eagle each received one vote.

48th Infantry Regiment (United States)

48th Infantry Regiment48th Infantry1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment
After attending basic training at Fort Benning, Powell was assigned to the 48th Infantry, in West Germany, as a platoon leader.
2lt Colin Powell served in 2nd Bn 48th at Gelnhausen c. 1959.

George Washington University

The George Washington UniversityGeorge WashingtonColumbian College
His further academic achievements include a Master of Business Administration degree from George Washington University.
On September 3, 2003, alumnus Colin Powell opened a new complex for this school at 1957 E Street NW in front of the Department of State.

Pershing Rifles

National Society of Pershing Rifles
Cadet Powell joined the Pershing Rifles, the ROTC fraternal organization and drill team begun by General John Pershing.
As a result, today the Society counts among its alumni many African American military leaders such as General Colin Powell former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and United States Secretary of State.

Henry E. Emerson

Hank "The Gunfighter" EmersonHank EmersonHenry "Gunfighter" Emerson
As a lieutenant colonel serving in South Korea, Powell was very close to General Henry "Gunfighter" Emerson.
Henry Everett "Hank" Emerson (May 28, 1925 – February 4, 2015) was a United States Army lieutenant general best known for being the commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea during the mid-1970s, when Colin Powell served as a battalion commander.

National War College

National Defense UniversityThe National War CollegeUS War College
During 1975–1976 he attended the National War College, Washington, D.C.
Notable graduates include former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell; former Secretary of Defense James Mattis; former U.S. Senator John McCain; former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark; former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace, Hugh Shelton and Martin Dempsey; former National Security Advisor and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe James L. Jones; former U.S Army Chief of Staff and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki; former U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Elmo Zumwalt; Commandant of the Marine Corps Robert H. Barrow; former U.S.A.F Chief of Staff Merrill A. McPeak; retired Air Force General Arnold W. Braswell; U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle; World War II submarine officer and best-selling novelist Edward L. Beach Jr.; former military aide to President John F. Kennedy, Godfrey McHugh; the late U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens; the late Brigadier General John Ray Budner formerly in command of the North American Air Defense Command Combat Operations Center; and former U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Norton A. Schwartz; one of the initial nuclear theorists Bernard Brodie was a founding faculty member.


JAMJamaicanJamaica, West Indies
His parents, Luther and Maud Powell, immigrated to the United States from Jamaica.
Today, notable Scottish-Jamaicans include the businessman John Pringle, former American Secretary of State Colin Powell, and American actress Kerry Washington.

White House Fellows

White House FellowPresident's Commission on White House FellowshipsWhite House Fellowship
Powell served a White House Fellowship under President Richard Nixon from 1972 to 1973.

My Lai Massacre

My LaiSon MyMy Lai incident
Powell was charged with investigating a detailed letter by 11th Light Infantry Brigade soldier Tom Glen, which backed up rumored allegations of the My Lai Massacre.
Colin Powell, then a 31-year-old Army major serving as an assistant chief of staff of operations for the Americal Division, was charged with investigating the letter, which did not specifically refer to Mỹ Lai, as Glen had limited knowledge of the events there.

National Security Advisor (United States)

National Security AdvisorUnited States National Security AdvisorNational Security Adviser
During his military career, Powell also served as National Security Advisor (1987–1989), as Commander of the U.S. Army Forces Command (1989) and as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989–1993), holding the latter position during the Persian Gulf War.

America's Promise

America's Promise AllianceAmerica’s PromiseAmerica’s Promise Alliance
Prior to his appointment as Secretary of State, Powell was the chairman of America's Promise – The Alliance for Youth, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to mobilizing people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of young people.
America’s Promise is currently chaired by Alma Powell and was formerly led by her husband and founding chairman, retired Gen. Colin L. Powell.

Alexander Haig

Alexander M. HaigAlexander M. Haig Jr.Haig
He became the third general since World War II to reach four-star rank without ever serving as a division commander, joining Dwight D. Eisenhower and Alexander Haig.
Haig was the second of three career military officers to become secretary of state (George C. Marshall and Colin Powell were the others).

Charles M. Gettys

During the second tour in Vietnam he was decorated with the Soldier's Medal for bravery after he survived a helicopter crash and single-handedly rescued three others, including division commander Major General Charles M. Gettys, from the burning wreckage.
In November 1968 Getty's command and control UH-1 helicopter crashed and was pulled from the wreckage by his assistant chief of staff of operations, Major Colin Powell.

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification BadgeJoint StaffJoint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge
Powell was the first, and so far the only, Jamaican American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
General Colin L. Powell (1989–1993) was the first and, as of 2011, the only African American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Shabbos goy

Sabbath GoyShabbat goyhousehold tasks carried out
He also served as a Shabbos goy, helping Orthodox families with needed tasks on the Sabbath.
Examples include Maxim Gorky, Floyd B. Olson, Harry S. Truman, Peter Hammill, Colin Powell, Mario Cuomo, Martin Scorsese, and the adolescent Elvis Presley, all of whom assisted their Jewish neighbors in this way.

Rationale for the Iraq War

the reasonsrationale for the warrationale for war
Powell came under fire for his role in building the case for the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
Throughout late 2001, 2002, and early 2003, the Bush Administration worked to build a case for invading Iraq, culminating in then Secretary of State Colin Powell's February 2003 address to the Security Council.

Commanding General, United States Army Forces Command

Commander in Chiefcommander of FORSCOMCommanding General
In April 1989, after his tenure with the National Security Council, Powell was promoted to four-star general under President George H. W. Bush and briefly served as the Commander in Chief, Forces Command (FORSCOM), headquartered at Fort McPherson, Georgia, overseeing all Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard units in the Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Medal of FreedomCongressional Medal of FreedomUnited States Medal of Freedom
Powell's civilian awards include the Presidential Medal of Freedom (twice), the President's Citizens Medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, the Secretary of State Distinguished Service Medal, and the Secretary of Energy Distinguished Service Medal.
The medal may be awarded to an individual more than once; Colin Powell received two awards, his second being With Distinction; Ellsworth Bunker received both of his awards With Distinction.

Lawrence Wilkerson

Larry WilkersonCol. Lawrence WilkersonLawrence B. Wilkerson
Powell's longtime aide-de-camp and Chief of Staff from 1989–2003, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, later characterized Cheney's view of Powell's mission as to "go up there and sell it, and we'll have moved forward a peg or two. Fall on your damn sword and kill yourself, and I'll be happy, too."
Lawrence B. "Larry" Wilkerson (born June 15, 1945) is a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell.

List of Secretaries of State of the United States

Secretaries of State67thSecretary of State
He was the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under U.S. President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005, the first black person to serve in that position.

Presidency of Bill Clinton

Clinton administrationClintonBill Clinton administration
Powell continued as chairman of the JCS into the Clinton presidency but as a dedicated "realist" he considered himself a bad fit for an administration largely made up of liberal internationalists.
Clinton's proposal received strong pushback from military leaders, especially Marine Commandant Carl Epting Mundy Jr. In response, General Colin Powell suggested a compromise solution in which the military would not ask recruits about their sexual orientation, but would retain the right to discharge those who were gay.

South Bronx

South Bronx, New YorkThe South BronxSobro
Powell was born in New York City in 1937 and was raised in the South Bronx.