Comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 9 km west of Turin.

- Collegno

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Metropolitan City of Turin

Metropolitan city in the Piedmont region, Italy.

A view of Turin.

The first leg of the subway system linked the nearby town of Collegno with Porta Susa in Turin's city centre.

Rivoli, Piedmont

Comune (municipality) established around the 1st century CE, in the Metropolitan City of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, about 14 km west of Turin.

View over the town from the castle in the direction of Turin
Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia

Rivoli borders the following municipalities: Turin, Pianezza, Caselette, Alpignano, Collegno, Rosta, Grugliasco, Villarbasse, Rivalta di Torino, Orbassano.


Neubrandenburg (lit.

Two of the 25 (formerly 56) typical timbered Wiek houses along the Neubrandenburg city wall
St. Mary's Church (used for concerts)
Treptow Gate with Neubrandenburg Regional Museum
Stargard Gate
New Gate
Friedland Gate

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy (1965)

Dora Riparia

Alpine river, a left-hand tributary of the Po.

It runs through the Susa Valley, and after having crossed part of the plain of the Po and the territories of the comunes of Avigliana, Alpignano, Pianezza and Collegno, joins the Po at Turin.


Town in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, northern Hungary.

The castle of Sárospatak on the reverse side of 500 Hungarian Forint banknote

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy


City in Karviná District in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic.

Havířov railway station

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy

Volzhsky, Volgograd Oblast

Industrial town in Volgograd Oblast, Russia, located on the east bank of the Volga River and its distributary the Akhtuba, 20 km northeast of Volgograd.

A bus made in Volzhsky on a road in Moscow

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy


Capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a population of 275,524 in its administrative limits.

Sarajevo at twilight.
Sarajevo topographic map.
View of Sarajevo from a popular Yellow Bastion lookout.
Autumn in Sarajevo - Veliki Park.
A panoramic view of Sarajevo valley from "Yellow Bastion" (Žuta tabija) lookout, spring 2012.
Neolithic period Butmir vase.
Roman bridge, erected 1530 in Ilidža, built of remnants of an old Roman settlement.
The Sebilj is a pseudo-Ottoman style wooden fountain in the centre of Baščaršija square. The current structure is an 1891 reconstruction of the original, which burnt down in 1852.
Old stone bridge over the Koševski Potok (circa 1880; left), later demolished to give away space for a tram station; Ali Pasha Mosque (right).
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria arrives at the city hall on the day of his assassination, 28 June 1914.
The Latin Bridge was the site of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
The Sarajevo Red Line, a memorial event of the Siege of Sarajevo's 20th anniversary. 11,541 empty chairs symbolized 11,541 victims of the war which were killed during the Siege.
The signing of the Dayton Agreement in Paris ended the 3 1⁄2-year-long Bosnian War.
Building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The four municipalities of the City of Sarajevo (Stari Grad, Centar, Novo Sarajevo and Novi Grad) within the territory of Sarajevo Canton.
Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Trebević cable car taking visitors to mount Trebević from the city center.
Sarajevo Zoo.
Ethnic structure of Sarajevo by settlements, 1991.
Ethnic structure of Sarajevo by settlements, 2013.
Sarajevo tram.
Sarajevo Railway Station.
Sarajevo International Airport.
Observation deck top of Avaz Twist Tower.
Rectorate and the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo.
National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina houses many important historical items from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A panoramic view of the ruined castle of Bijela Tabija "White Bastion" in the very east of Sarajevo.
Copies of the Sarajevo Haggadah.
Bijelo Dugme originated in Sarajevo; widely considered to have been the most popular band ever to exist in the former Yugoslavia and one of the most important acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. Pictured are Mladen Vojičić Tifa (left) and Goran Bregović (right).
Vedran Smailović playing a cello on top of the ruins of the National library in 1992.
Sarajevo Film Festival is held annually since 1995 at the National Theatre.
Bosnian football player Edin Džeko was born in Sarajevo. He is the all-time leading goalscorer of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team.
Koševo City Stadium, home to FK Sarajevo, is the largest stadium in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Damir Džumhur, a Sarajevo born multi–Grand Slam tennis player.
Mirza Delibašić Hall, home venue of past European champion KK Bosna Royal.
Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and Sarajevo Clock Tower.
Mosque courtyard.
Gazi Husrev-beg Library - Baščaršija Islamic School (Kurumlija Madrasa).
The Gazi Husrev-beg-Bazaar.
Pigeon Square.
Old Town.
Sarajevo Main Post office.
Sarajevo National Theatre design by Karel Pařík.
The Academy of Fine Arts was originally built to serve as an Evangelical Church in 1899.
Privredna banka Sarajevo.
National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina established in 1896.
Health Institute in Sarajevo.
Iconic Sarajevo Holiday Inn (now Hotel Holiday) and UNITIC World Trade Towers.
Eternal flame.
View west toward parts of Novo Sarajevo.
Residential buildings in Novi Grad.
Bosmal City Center Towers, erected 2001.
Avaz Twist Tower, erected 2008.
BBI Centar, erected 2009.
Sarajevo City Center, erected 2014.
Sarajevo cable car, reopened in 2018.
Great Park (Veliki Park).
Koševo Park.
Vilsonovo Šetalište (Wilson's Promenade) along the Miljacka.
Great Lane (Velika aleja), Ilidža.
The spring of the Bosna river is in Sarajevo.
Emperor's Mosque.
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos.
Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Sarajevo Synagogue.
Bosniak Institute, containing collections of the history of Bosnia and Bosniaks.
Museum "Sarajevo 1878–1918".
Alija Izetbegović museum.
Medieval tombstones around the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sarajevo Tunnel Museum.
MAN Centrotrans bus.

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy (since 1994)

Antony, Hauts-de-Seine

Commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France, 11.3 km from the centre of Paris.

The Croix de Berny fountain at the northern entrance to Antony
The Bièvre at the Parc des prés at Fresnes
Access to the tunnel under the A86 autoroute, at the sub-prefecture level
30 km/h zone (cemetery district)
10 km/h zone (cemetery district)
View of Antony railway station
Ancient wine growers' houses in the city centre
Tall buildings in the "White City" of Antony
Building in the Noyer-Doré quarter
Wells from the Middle Ages in the city centre, rebuilt in 1707 and transformed into a fountain in 1835.
The mill wheel ensured the production of flour for Antonians for 10 centuries.
The dovecote from Antony Castle (1648)
Harvest at Antony in 1908
Arpajonnais on the RN20 at the beginning of the 20th century. The Catenary for electric traction is already installed, but the train is pulled by a bi-cab steam locomotive.
The Chénier property, transformed into a boarding house after the expulsion of Marianists in 1905.
The Anne-Fontaine library (1990)
Agglomeration Community building at Châtenay-Malabry
The Town Hall, 8 May 2008
Secondary entrance to the Town Hall in Antony
The District Court
Himalayan Cedar in Raymond Sibille park
Antony, rue de Sderot
The High-tech office park
The centre of high-tech, along the A86 autoroute
The new François-Furet College
The Institution Sainte-Marie d'Antony
One of the buildings of the university residence.
The main entrance to the private hospital in Antony
The Georges-Suant Stadium
Antony, "stage-town" for the Tour de France in July 2006
Old royal manufactory of waxes
The House of Saint-John
The Church of Saint-Saturnin
View of Heller Park
The former cinema "Le Select"
The Darius-Milhaud conservatory
The former Firmin-Gémier theatre

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy (1961)

San Gregorio Magno

Town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of southern Italy.

Administrative divisions of Italy:
- Regions (black borders)
- Provinces (dark gray borders)
- Comuni (light grey borders)

🇮🇹 Collegno, Italy