James Douglas with Order of the Bath honours
The Colony of British Columbia in 1863
Lady Amelia Connolly Douglas, his wife
Sir James Douglas, first governor of the Colony of British Columbia
The Douglas Obelisk
A portion of the Cariboo Road in the Fraser Canyon, c. 1867
Statue of Douglas, at Fort Langley National Historic Site in Fort Langley, BC
Moody likened his vision of the nascent Colony of British Columbia to the pastoral scenes painted by Aelbert Cuyp
Grave of Sir James Douglas at Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC
Moody designed the first Coat of arms of British Columbia

Sir James Douglas (August 15, 1803 – August 2, 1877), was a British Columbian fur trader and politician who became the first Governor of the Colony of British Columbia.

- James Douglas (governor)

Meanwhile, the mainland continued to function under the de facto administration of the HBC, whose chief executive, James Douglas, was also governor of Vancouver Island.

- Colony of British Columbia (1858–1866)

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Columbia District

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Fur trading district in the Pacific Northwest region of British North America in the 19th century.

Fur trading district in the Pacific Northwest region of British North America in the 19th century.

Map of the Columbia River and its tributaries showing modern political boundaries. In 1811 David Thompson was the first European to journey the entire length of the Columbia.
Map of the route of the York Factory Express, 1820s to 1840s, with modern political boundaries shown

The administrative headquarters of fur operations, and of the Columbia Department, then shifted to Fort Victoria, which had been founded by James Douglas in 1843 as a fall back position in preparation for the "worst case" scenario settlement of the dispute, in the face of manifest destiny.

With the creation of the Crown Colony on the British mainland north of the then-Washington Territory in 1858, Queen Victoria chose to use Columbia District as the basis for the name Colony of British Columbia, i.e. the remaining British portion of the former Columbia District.