Commercial Radio Hong Kong


One of only two commercial radio broadcasting companies in Hong Kong along with Metro Radio Hong Kong.

- Commercial Radio Hong Kong

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Rediffusion Television

The first television station in Hong Kong, making it both the first British colony and the first predominantly ethnically Chinese city to have television.

The radio service was highly successful with its main competitor Commercial Radio.

Metro Broadcast Corporation

One of Hong Kong's three radio broadcasting corporations.

Metro Broadcast Office in Whampoa Garden
Metro Broadcast Studio in Central

Every year Television Broadcast Limited (TVB), Commercial Radio, RTHK and Metro Radio present awards to outstanding singers, composers and authors for outstanding performance in the entertainment industry.

Wong Yuk-man

Hong Kong politician, author, current affairs commentator and radio host.

Wong at the 2012 LegCo Election, as a People Power Candidate.

He worked in Commercial Radio Hong Kong and hosted many popular phone-in programmes.

Jan Lamb

Hong Kong DJ, singer and actor.

He is one of the DJ's for Commercial Radio 2 (CR2), hosting several successful programmes since the 1990s.

George Ho

Hong Kong media mogul.

The fifth son of the influential businessman Robert Hotung, George Ho was the founder of the Commercial Radio Hong Kong and Commercial Television.

Sammy Leung

Sammy Leung Chi Kin is an actor under TVB, DJ, singer, and host for Commercial Radio Hong Kong.

Albert Cheng (politician)

Hong Kong Canadian radio host, businessman, politician and a Fellow of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, past chairman and present Director of the Aircraft Division.

Coat of Arms of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (beaver and dragon)

A year later, he left Paramount Publishing Group and Capital Communications to become a full-time host of Commercial Radio's breakfast talk-back show Teacup in a Storm.

Stephen Chan Chi-wan

Chan at a press conference on 2 January 2018, after filming the first episode of the celebrity edition of the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2018" at the ATV Headquarters in the Tai Po Industrial Estate.

Stephen Chan Chi-wan (born 12 December 1958) is the Chief Advisor of Commercial Radio Hong Kong and a YouTube pundit.

Chip Tsao

Multilingual Hong Kong-based columnist, broadcaster, and writer.

In September 2003, he switched to the Commercial Radio Hong Kong to host a similar daily radio entitled 'Summit' (光明頂, literally 'the Peak of Light').

Winnie Yu


Winnie Yu Tsang (, born 1954) is a Hong Kong Radio Personality and the Deputy Chairman of Commercial Radio Hong Kong.