Concessions and leases in international relations


A "synallagmatic act by which a State transfers the exercise of rights or functions proper to itself to a foreign private test which, in turn, participates in the performance of public functions and thus gains a privileged position vis-a-vis other private law subjects within the jurisdiction of the State concerned."

- Concessions and leases in international relations

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Tati Concessions Land


The Tati Concession was a land and mining concession created in the western borderlands of the Matabele Kingdom.

Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory

Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory
Map of the Jiaozhou Bay with Qingdao, 1905
Postcard of Deutschland and Gefion arriving at Kiautschou Bay in 1899
Main gate of a Chinese munitions depot, taken over by the Imperial German Navy, 1898
Pier with German naval personnel, apparent expansion in progress, 1898
Disembarkation of the landing force
Civilian administration flag of Kiautschou
The branch office of the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank in Tsingtau
The residence of the Governor in Tsingtau

The Kiautschou Bay Leased Territory was a German leased territory in Imperial and Early Republican China from 1898 to 1914.

British Weihaiwei

Location of Weihaiwei (blue) in 1921
Waterfront, Seymour Street in Weihaiwei, circa 1905-1910
Location of Weihaiwei (blue) in 1921
Map of Weihaiwei in 1906
Sir James Stewart Lockhart, Commissioner of Weihaiwei, 1902-1921
Commissioner staff and headmen of the territory in 1908
One of the revenue stamps of Weihaiwei issued in 1921

British Weihaiwei or Wei-hai-wei, on the northeastern coast of China, was a leased territory of the United Kingdom from 1898 until 1930.

Belgian concession of Tianjin

Belgian consulate in the British concession
Tianjin trams, owned by the Belgian Tientsin Tramway and Lighting Company
Main road of the Belgian Tianjin concession

The Belgian concession of Tianjin (Belgische concessie in Tianjin; Concession belge de Tianjin; ) was a 120 acre Belgian Colonial concession in the Chinese city of Tianjin between 1902 and 1931, the only Belgian concession in China.

Russian concession of Tianjin

The Russian consulate of Tianjin
The Church of Our Lady in Tianjin

The Russian concession of Tianjin (Chinese: 天津俄租界, pinyin: Tiānjīn é zūjiè, Russian: Российская концессия Тяньцзиня) was a territory (concession) in the Chinese city of Tientsin occupied colonially by the Russian Empire between 1900 to 1924, and one of the Russian concessions in the late Qing dynasty (others including the Russian concessions in Hankou, Dalian, Harbin, and Port Arthur).