A 1912 newspaper cartoon highlighting the United States' influence in Latin America following the Monroe Doctrine.
Map of Africa in 1897 shows European "sphere[s] of influence".
Delimitation of British and Russian influence in Iran
Spheres of influence in Chinese empire in early 20th century
German and Japanese direct spheres of influence at their greatest extents in fall 1942.
Greatest extent of Soviet influence, after the Cuban Revolution but before the Sino-Soviet Split
An 1878 British cartoon about The Great Game between the United Kingdom and Russia over influence in Central Asia

A "synallagmatic act by which a State transfers the exercise of rights or functions proper to itself to a foreign private test which, in turn, participates in the performance of public functions and thus gains a privileged position vis-a-vis other private law subjects within the jurisdiction of the State concerned."

- Concessions and leases in international relations

These do not include the lease and concession territories where the foreign powers had full authority.

- Sphere of influence

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